Which preventative?

This is the big question. I know everyone is different, but having tried a lot going back 15 years, I am now about to go over the doctors and ask to try one again. Which one?

In the past these are the ones I tried and the effects I got:

Propanalol (some improvement but as soon as I got up to over 40 mg a day nausea, insomnia and diaraah).

Tynelol (did nothing)
Atenalol (25 mg) very tired sleepy and migraine
Epilem (felt sick and raised temperature and heavy sleep)
Gabapentin (felt very sick)
Flunarazine (Lot more dizziness)
Verapamil (20 mg) Very dizzy for two weeks
Prothiaden 150 mg helped a little, no side effects originally, but when tried it again at 25 mg, could not tolerate it
Amitryptyline three quarter of tablet at night (of 10 mg) for 2 months
Helped a little with dizziness but couldnt wake up till 3 in afternoon, now if I take it, it helps me sleep but wake with thumping headache
Imipramine Total insomnia for 3 weeks
Nortryptiline Spots and lumps rash on chest, constipated and sweating
Lorifipramine 70 mg Constipated, tiredeness dizziness and headache as bad and sweating
Trazadone Dizzy and hungover and migraine
Seroxat 10mg for 4 days (Terrible non stop migraine for 4 days)
Cypromil (horrendous migraine with flashing lights)
Sanomigran for 7 weeks up to 4 x 0.5 mg a day. Helped major migraine but waking with hangover head, gave me paralyzed sleep, tried again more recently and didnt work.

I would be interested to hear others experiences with the various preventatives, perhaps one will stand out as being superior!! My gut feeling is to go with the verapamil as it seems the one everyone tries for MAV. I have found out since that I have low blood sugar and lowish blood pressure so maybe this was affecting the preventatives and I can try and control this more now.


Ouch, what a list!! :shock:
I feel for you.

However… Topamax wasn’t on it, right?

Right, I havent tried Topamax, anyone had any success with this one?
What does it come under, calcium channel blockers, anti epileptics, anti depressents or beta blockers?

I have tried three meds:

Topomax – had to quit do to severe temper problems, and constant headache – I think that this “may” be similar to the mood swings some women complain about

Nuerontin – had to quit do to feeling stoned at all times and unable to wake up in general, along with constant headache

Currently taking Depakote, main problem was constant headache which was solved with klonopin.

All three meds did wonders for my balance and other related problems but I couldn’t tolerate the side effects of the first two. Going by some peoples list of meds, I got lucky finding something that works for me on the third med.

Zoloft - nothing
Neurontin - took away aura
Klonopin - suppressed a LOT of dizziness - got me out of bed
TOPAMAX - did great - got me out of the house taking walks
Effexor - did nothing
Pristiq - (the main metabolite of effexor) - great! better results on this in just two weeks than i had with Topamax. I guess i couldn’t metabolize Effexor and get to that main metabolite OR i was taking something that was competing with the same metabolic pathway.

I’ve suffered no real bad SEs with anything. I’ve had good luck plus i work with Hain by telephone. He knows when to retreat and when to go forward on Topamax. He makes you hold with tingling and retreat with cognitive symptoms. He will go no higher if you are experiencing any SEs at all. He waits until they go away - and they do if you’re just patient.

I’ve come a long way, but i’m still pretty sick. but I was bedbound for a year or more.