White Noise Machine

Has anyone had any experience with a white noise machine. I purchased one two weeks ago to try and go to sleep. It makes a sort of wind noise (no jokes please), anyway, it works well for shutting out those little noises that startle you at night, but I noticed that I would wake after a couple of hours with high pitched tinnitus. I tried it several times in the two weeks and it seems to be the machine setting it off, then it continues through the next day.

Now I am worried that although I stopped the machine a few days ago the tinnitus is still there but at a lower ebb. I am not sure now, whether it is the machine or not. Has anyone else tried one of these machines?


i have not tried a white noise machine but that is odd. i have bad 24/7 tinnitus, have had it 14 years now in my left ear, and i can’t sleep in complete silence without the tinnitus making me crazy so i sleep with a fan running year round. when it gives out, i go to the store buy another one, set it up and start it up and off to sleep i go. i even take one with me on vacations or to spend the night at other people’s houses. they think i’m crazy but that’s how dependent i am and how badly i hate the tinnitus! :lol:

so maybe try a fan or something else (one of those soothing music deals…) for a day or two and see if you get the same reaction?

I know Nicki, when I googled tinnitus white noise machine, everything says it helps tinnitus, in my case, it seems to set it off, but then this is often the case with me, the opposite happens.

I am fine with a fan, I only got the machine as I figured having a fan on all the time would cost a lot on electricity and this white noise machine says its minimal on that.


I suppose you could put the fan on a timer - so it turns itself off after a few hours when you’re well asleep?

Gabrielle, the timer should work well, provided you always fall asleep quickly and don’t wake in the night. To be safe, though, don’t you think it would be better to have it turned off by snoring? Many are. . . .(fortunately, my sweetheart sleeps quite soundly.)

Gabrielle, David, great idea, why didnt I think of that. Timer on the fan. I do wake in the night but dont worry about noise startling me in the middle of the night. Its the daughter coming in at night, creaking stairs, the crack of the tv as it cools down etc. as I try to go to sleep. Seems once the adrenaline has pumped through two or three times thats me awake all night.

I will sort that out today.

Thanks :smiley:

— Begin quote from "david shapiro"

To be safe, though, don’t you think it would be better to have it turned off by snoring?

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I use an air purifier on high and it drowns out noises that used to wake me up. I don’t think it causes any ear ringing and stuff.


Chris, I got a humidifier, sprayed fine mist into the air. Went to bed, it was fine. Just dropping off and then … “glug glug glug
glug”, this happened every 20 minutes or so.

Bought the timer yesterday, now all I have to do is figure out how to set it, I am not very technical.

Hey Chris, how are you getting on with the progesterone? Are you sleeping more?


Hi Christine,
I wonder if the white noise is stimulating your brain rhythms.
Some people use white noise to meditate with and it can also be used to alter Delta waves, that are associated with deep levels of relaxation.

Hi Jen,

I am totally confused as I stopped using the white noise machine days ago and the tinnitus remains. I have been trying the progesterone again the last week, now I am wondering if its that :?


Oh Christine that is crappy, you know what?
I’ve had a busy and not so great month, first the hormone treatment was going Fab!
Then due to it being a cyclic hormone, estrogen and then (progesterone component in order to protect the womb)
WELL! the progesterone really screwed with me and all hell broke loose.(maigraines and mood)
Had PMS X 100.
So now I’m faced with trailing different progestin’s, to see which one my body will tolerate.

I’m still happier and feeling better than before hormone treatment, I am still migraining.
Hope you get this sorted, and dont do what I have done and only see a GP for such a thing, go to a GYNO.
That’s my next issue.


Jen, this progesterone is a difficult one. I did it your way last time and had 200 mg oral progesterone last 2 weeks and slept well but was dizzy and tired all day. Then I did the cream, felt like a weight on my chest. Have tried the crinone, cyclogest, the tablets all sorts in the past. This utrogest has been better than the others, but I only slept 4 hrs with it last night so its not going to do the trick. Also, although it doesnt make me agitated and irritable, I can feel my mood starting to drop, little things are making me fed up.

Last time I came off the progesterone it took over a week before the migraine hit, 7 days of it and bad depression.

I hope you find one that suits you.


Sorry didn’t realize i was asked a question. i haven’t started the progesterone yet - they are making it in the compounding pharmacy - only 50 mg - i’m on super low 0.025 estrogen patch so don’t need much - my dr warned me that it can make you feel really crappy like PMS or it can make you happy and relaxed so no telling. I don’t know if i can take the estogen without the progesterone or not at a low dose like that maybe i can. we’ll see what happens.

i’m kind of afraid to take the progesterone - i never sleep well at al - wake up a lot but i’m used to it so i try not to stress too much - i can usually go back to sleep most of the time.

i hope the progesterone doesn’t make me sicker - dizzier etc. :frowning: i’ve actually been usually some stuff from whole foods but i doubt it does too much.