Who Asked me

…if the doc put me on the migraine diet.

Whomever you are - I’ve been instructed to cut back on my sodium - not go above 1500 - and to eliminate msg. We’re still fairly certain that my trigger is the dizziness from my UVL and non-compensated UVL (my body hasn’t had the chance to hit the RESET button) can flare REALLY bad with hypernatremia.

This is interesting. Not having a clue what hypernatremia was I looked it up.

*"Hypernatremia is generally not caused by an excess of sodium, but rather by a relative deficit of free water in the body. For this reason, hypernatremia is often synonymous with the less precise term, dehydration.

Water is lost from the body in a variety of ways, including perspiration, insensible losses from breathing, and in the feces and urine. If the amount of water ingested consistently falls below the amount of water lost, the serum sodium level will begin to rise, leading to hypernatremia."*

Not drinking enough water has always been a fault of mine. Now I’ve read this I think I might be a little more vigilant about it. Not sure if the recommendation to cut back on salt would apply to MAV’ers without UVL, but it seems sensible to me that it could do. Anyone found a no/low salt diet to have made a noticeable difference?


Also notable in people who work out, sweat, and don’t replenish. My sodium has always been on the high end, and pushed over a few times. In fact, right before my crash in June, I’d been to the dr because I wasn’t feeling ‘present in my own head’ and my legs (despite daily workouts) were suddenly feeling very heavy.

Excess sodium in the diet can trigger some UVLr’s spin cycle. And the vertigo/dizziness can be a migraine trigger, which it is, for me. I’m still learning about it…and want to continue learning about it even though this Ritalin appears to be the magic bullet for me.