Who has cool Auras, mine are boring!

I was suprised none of us have talked about our weird Auras more often.
sadly mine really are boring!


Color changes in environment (erythropsia)
feeling time is speeded up (rushes ) only as a child, teenager
Auditory, tinnitus. Now permanent, probably ear damage.
Heat rising, rippling, circle.
Yellow lattice, (permanent)
Static visual snow, after images, even in full color
Body disturbances, detached from legs,head floating in mid air
Slowly rotating furniture, floor ect. Possibly just vertigo.( permanent)
Bright Circles like a Luna eclipse.
my world will stop into a picture photo or dvd skipping, especially under fluoroscent lights, it’s very frightening.
black holes or spots.
Iridescent blue floating spots.
shaped colors
I wish I had some really cool ones.



Didn’t you post on a website once, an artistic representation of your auras? I sure didn’t find them boring.


Hi JuL, Yep I did.
klause podolls site.
Oops I forgot to add phonophobia, (bad)