Who has family members with same condition?

Who has family members with the same affliction?

My paternal grandmother suffers from the occasional migraine and “attacks” of balance difficulties, as does my dad. Neither of them have ever found these problems debilitating the way I have. I’m just curious who else has a genetic history of migraine and balance disorder.

Hi Dizzy,
Noone that I know in my family have suffered the way I have, but my brother suffers migraine which is well controlled by valium and lexapro and my sister suffers migraine without medication needed, just an occasional tablet for relief, her migraine moves down into her jaw and teeth. My mum started suffering from migraines with aura at around about the same age that I did (47), but I think hers was painless. My niece on my sister’s side who’s 18 suffers from really bad abdominal pains every so often and after all tests have come back inconclusive, my thoughts are that it could be abdominal migraine as it would fit the pattern. My other niece who’s 23(both sisters) suffers from really debilitating migraines every 6 months or so. She was on preventatives for a while but it gave her tacicardia (have I mis-spelt that?) so she’s stopped at the moment.

I guess I’ve been the lucky one to have ‘the BIG ONE’! :evil:

Well !!

I have 10 siblings. Since my diagnosis, it’s as if MAV has come out of the family closet. I’m not even going to sit here and count how many have give me their stories of migraines associated with dizziness either during at other times.

We are one big neurotic, dizzy, migrainous bunch!

How’s that for some hard data!


Yeah, my dad has come out of the MAV closet, too. When I was growing up, mom would say “Dad has a headache” & I knew to stay clear of him. He’s only recently told me of his bouts of vertigo.

If you have a large family affected by migraine-associated vertigo it may be worth (if you’re interested) contacting Dr Baloh’s team at UCLA. They have done a number of studies of familial migraine syndromes and even an identical twin study where one twin was affected by typical migraine associated vertigo and the other twin had similar symptoms but hearing loss as well (making the diagnosis Menieres Disease!)

I believe one of our member families here from some time ago, who got better with Topamax, was included in one of these studies after contacting Baloh’s team.

Thanks Adam, I will do that. We are also a Lynch family (colon cancer in three of us). So we’ve done this study business before. It helps us and it helps others who suffer also.

i’ll work on it tomorrow. I just got my computer up and running.

My sister suffers from your typical excruciating migraines. My Late grandfather suffered from Motion Sickness and i followed his footsteps…but of course it has to be in certian situations like driving in curvey roads in Yosemite or riding on an amusement park ride going in circles…and even a fast roller coaster ride. Also…hanging out on a boat makes me feel ill…all this happened before this dizzy nightmare began. Other than my sister with headaches and my grandfather with very bad motion sickness…everyone else seems to be ok in this category of sorts.


Hi Dizzy, yes my Dad has mal de debarquement type symptoms with temporal lobe epilepsy as well, also suffers migrianes, and vertigo, mother suffers migrianes , my niece has just told me this week she has been suffering dizzy spells with her migrianes and she’s only 18 years old, I’m truly worried for her.
my whole family has probs.

I have 3 older sisters, two of which suffer with migraine. One suffers painful debilitating headaches, and the other suffers with symptoms closer to mine, except very mildly compared to me. (Her symptoms are mainly just before her menstrual cycle and last only a day or two a month).

Strange thing about it, all of us were hit with this thing right on the 4oth birthday. (I of course, have had symptoms pretty much all of my life, and they haven’t, I figure thats why I’ve been hit the hardest.)


Yes, my dad suffers from the same symptoms that I do. His age of onset was the same as mine. He got his first round at about age 37, I got hit with mine at age 35.
Although, with me being a woman I think my symtoms get worse than his ever did and definatley more chronic because of my hormones.

Also, my sister gets the classic migraines and occasional vertigo and my mom has migraines. Definate family history here!