Why balance gets worse with stress

I saw my otologist, and he explained why balance has been shown to suffer with stress:
Furman, a psychiatrist at U of Pittsburgh did studies of dizzy people–he had them hold a narrow based position and they were stable, until they were asked to do a second task that required concentration–then they stumbled.
When you’re dizzy, you concentrate to maintain your balance. Additional concentration or fatigue, will cause your balance to deteriorate. It’s also the explanation for “brain fog”.
So many people here do better when we lower our stress and fatigue, and it’s been proven.
Maintaining balance with a vestibular disorder is hard work, and sometimes you don’t have the reserve to multi-task.

Is this the same as saying that we put more energy into maintain balance? If so, maybe it also explains the fatigue. I go through my day and don’t really feel like I’m “trying” to keep my balance. I feel unsteady, but just keep moving. However, I get really fatigued and have to rest often. By around 4 pm i’m wiped out.

I wondered why, yesterday, I was feeling worse than usual (and of course i was worrying about it). I noted that my husband was having a really really stressful day and expressing it sometimes loudly and thought maybe that was throwing me off. I’m in the house alone today - it’s quiet and calm and i’m feeling much better. Hmm.

In the same ballpark: When dancers are about to execute something that requires additional centeredness, you will see a change on their face - it’s an increase in concentration. The best dancer I knew also practiced Zen Buddhism. When she executed difficult movements it was like watching meditation in motion.

Kira…i agree additional Stress aggravates balance and concentration. Lack of sleep increases the brain fog. At this point in my life (after 15 years of this dizzy monster)…i must keep my life very simple and for the most part structured. Extra Stress increases Motion + Tension and is felt inside my head. Tension feels like this Energy swaying around in my head and in some cases feels like a moderately squeezed wash rag.


Joe, as an aside, it’s always striking to me the way you describe two symptoms - of being in water and the tightness in your head. Your descriptions are very vivid and describe just how I feel. that tension in my head is weird, was one of my first symptoms, pre-dizziness, and always accompanies worsening of symptoms. The tension is not static. i used to describe it as a pulling and didn’t know whether it was on my scalp or inside my head. sometimes it would/will go down into my face. very strange and unpleasant sensation.