Why the plugged ears?

Boy…I had been really sailing along.

Still, I am doing better overall than I have been compared to those past 4 and 1 / 2 years.

However, the past 2 days , I have developed extremely full ears in boths ears with both ears becoming more prone to tinnuitis.

Tired of overanalyzing things anymore and maybe (hopefully) it is short lived.

Any thoughts / ideas on why this might be occurring afters such as great 1 month run?

Also, the past 2 days, I have become tired again…whereas I have not had the tireds in almost a month…hmmmmm.

Again, I am not going to make mountains out of moe-hills…but still a little disconcerning to me. I just do not understand what would cause this?

Thoughts, ideas, plane tickets to vegas for me to go play craps for me to take my mind off this shit?


My ears have been ringing almost daily since last November and with that comes the daily migraine. I have yet to figure out how to stop it. It’s incredibly annoying - some days are worse than others. When you find a solution let me know…

My right ear has been hissing loudly since January almost non stop, occasionally the left one joins in! This is worse than it has ever been, the only thing I had done was buy a white noise machine, which I used for the first time that night and I took a Theanine tablet for the first and last time that night. I stopped the white noise machine after a week and never had another theanine tablet but the hissing has continued. Then I thought it might have been the magnesium and calcium that I had been taking since Xmas, stopped that, but its still going on. I havent a clue now, I wondered whether it was the weather or something in the air! Migraines are no different, dizziness is no worse. Can you relate to any of the above, white noise machine, theanine, calcium :lol: Long shot I think.

The full ears almost like a bucket over the head, havent got that at the moment, but I go through spells of that, comes from nowhere, lasts about two weeks then goes away on its own.


Hi Todd,
I posted this reply to another of your threads, but thought I’d repeat it here, just in case you don’t see it:
just wanted to let you know that an occasional side-effect of the Topamax for me was a feeling of ‘pressure’ and ‘fullness’ in the ears - this would sometimes coincide with upping the dosage, and has now gone away completely. Hope that helps! Hang in there!!


Interesting Tony…it happended right after I went up to 100mg.

Does this mean to taper back down to 50mg or so…or just muscle through it and see what the hell happens?

Very very interesting.

PM if you get a second. I would love to learn more from you about your experience with Topa.



Hiya buddy

Fullness and pressure in ears has always been one of my primary symptoms - I would happily hack my left ear off!!

Since I’ve been in Abu Dhabi my symptoms have dissipated massively but the ear thing is always still in the background popping and feeling blocked. I keep thinking it’s related to my sinuses … I also get this sound in my left ear when I chew which sounds like a bicycle tyre being pumped up!!

Hope your ears clear up buddy - have you tried the Lemon Bioflavonoids from Vitamine Shoppe? Supposed to really help with Tinnitus.


Try eating a ton of oranges. Suppose to increase inner ear blood circulation.


Thought we were meant to avoid citrus as part of the MAV diet??

A ton of oranges sounds like meltdown!! :lol:

Yea that is true isn’t it. I guess try going for a nice jog. That is also good for inner ear circulation.


Agreed! I often feel awesome after runs. I just got back from one just 20 mins ago. I’ve been in a real bad period of feeling awful again, so the running doesn’t have AS much affect. But I do still feel better.

Running and exercising causes circulation throughout your body and brain. Thus, it does in the brain too. Try it out! You’ll feel good probably almost immediately after.