Why weather issues now

Hey guys -

I have a question - why did weather changes never effect me before? I always had allergies, I would just take Zyrtec D but weather changes never made me dizzy. I am still feeling about 90-95%, but today the temp dropped dramatically and I feel ear pressure and slightly heavy headed. I don’t feel like I did before, but I have come to hate weather changes. I have been feeling very tired lately too. I know I have had a lot going on but maybe it is all weather related. Ya gotta love Illinois weather! :lol:

I keep trying to stay positive and stop worrying about MAV coming back. I just keep thinking since I have had so much stress the last few weeks, will it bring it back? I always thought that maybe that is what caused this in the first place. I had huge life changing events before I got this in the first place. I had to put my 15 year old dog down yesterday. It was so hard. I had my mother-in-law pass away like I mentioned two weeks ago, and now my husband is having serious issues again with his crohn’s disease. Not to mention, my lawyer called and I have to get ready for my deposition against our contractor from hell that destroyed most of my house! Life is so weird, for long periods of time everything goes great, then everything happens at once. I have so many blessings, I am trying to focus on them. My husband thinks that once I get closure with this whole contracor’s mess and it is settled and our home fixed like it should be, I will be 100% better.

I am feeling about 90% today, I think I’ll move to Hawaii! The doctors around here always say move to Arizona and all sinus/allergy issues will go away. I don’t know if I could get used to the heat there! At least my Vit. D level would go up because of the sun exposure! Anyways - I hope everyone is having a decent day! As always - you are all in my prayers.


i think the weather affects me, but it’s honestly hard to tell as my symptoms are so chronic and always bad. Maybe when I start improving a bit, I’ll be able to notice fluctuations more. Remind me - are you on Verapamil? Did you try other meds before? Did Dr. Hain put you on it? I am on the max dose of Verapamil with no effects. Glad it worked for you because it is a good drug with little side effects. I guess it just wasn’t the right one for me.
I understand that once feeling better, there will be worries of this returning. Hopefully, as more time passes with good days, you’ll begin to even forget about this whole experience. I can’t imagine that now, but I’m sure it happens.

Hi Nance,

I know how you feel. I was cursing the weather just the other day here in Washington. You are probably getting that same crappy weather we had - just a few days later! :lol:

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So sorry about your losses. That is hard, two in such a short time. Losing a beloved pet is awful, I went through it last year when my darling Dillon (cat) passed away, he was nearly 20 and it was intensive nursing the last two years. I am sure your dog had the best possible life with you and hope you can take comfort in this.
Best Wishes

I also find that my symptoms seem to cycle in and out and even sometimes bringing in “new” symptoms. What I mean by “new” is that as I look back over the years, well before I had my “big” migraine attack, I can see some symptoms that I have had for many years, but always chalked them up to something else, never even realizing that I have struggled with silen migraine for many many years. Good luck to you, and it is so comforting to have each other to “talk” to isn’t it?

Pam 3

Oh, I hear you about the weather related issues. I wasn’t able to cooridnate anything beyond seasons, winter being my worst, before I got things under control. Once I started the meds, I can definitely line things up with the weather now, and let me tell you, the month of March has been heck on me.

There has been mention of 100% days. I find them to be a double edged sword. I love them, and look forward to them, but then when I get a dizzy spell, if I have had to many 100% days in a row, like it has been mentioned already, I have started to forget about the lesser days, and more importantly, how to deal with them. A 90% day is now a mild struggle to get through, 80% is an outright struggle, and anything less, will send me home where I have a controlled inviroment. When my balance starts to suffer, I start to fall, A LOT, and I don’t like falling in public. It freaks people out, they think I am having a stroke or a heart attack, or something else, panick, and want to call an ambulence. I haven’t hurt myself yet, and I have been falling now fow several years. Before the docs figured out what I had, I was falling at the rate of a few times a day to several times an hour, everyday.

Well, I’m babling now,

How scary Brian…sometimes I wonder if people think I have been drinking mid day, when I start to have balance issues!!! :mrgreen:

Pam 3

Brian -

I totally know what you mean! After a row of 100% days, 90% days are hard to deal with! I guess that is good because it means we are that much better, right? I get good days and then get frustrated when I have an “off” day. I start to get my “poor me” attitude and i can’t let myself go there. I bet your weather is as screwed up as ours right now. You are in Iowa, right? I am in Illinois.