Wierd symptoms advice please

Ive been feeling this weird sensation of fainting. Stuffy head like im going to heel over or faint. Also, this weird sensation in my ear. No so much as ringing but a sensation that causes anxiety. It’s very irritating. Its as if there’s a presence in my ear. :frowning:

I don’t know what tests you’ve already had, so what I say may mean nothing at all. But your symptoms sound exactly like my MAV symptoms did before I was diagnosed and treated. When the dizziness gets to a certain intensity, it starts to feel like you’re going to faint. The feeling in your ears - is it a heaviness? - that’s exactly what I experienced before treatment. I also had oscillopsia, occasional tinitus in 1 ear, and every once in a while, hearing loss down to about 25% in 1 ear for about an hour - all of these are classic MAV symptoms (except for the oscillopsia, according to Dr. Hain’s website and comments to me in his office). My MAV is under control with approx. 56mg/day of Effexor. A few times a year, I still get intense BPPV-like symptoms, but Valium keeps it manageable until the symptoms subside, usually within a week or 2. Good luck.

thank you for the reply! im glad you found something thats making it under control. :slight_smile: