Will be starting on Verapamil soon


I just was looking at another Forum dealing with dizzyness and one guy said he is beginning to feel alot better by taking Neurontin and Verapamil together. Just thought i would share that with you.


HI Joe, I’m still only on the 240mg SRL tab of verapamil, I was too chicken to start the higher dose again without the advice of my neuro, so when I see him I’ll ask if he knows of a lower dose SRL tab I can go on,
How are you going on the verapamil?
did you get any head aches at first. I did
my symptoms are changing, and I’m having a couple of days without an attack but when the migriane comes back , I"m back to square one. bugga!
not happy at all. I thought this diagnosis meant I’d get relief from this condition, but that isnt the case, it’s going to be a long road ahead/
hope your ok Joe.
warm regards jen

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you said that you are finally experiencing a “change” with verapamil. By that, do you mean an improvement in your dizziness? I’m glad you hear that you are not so tired on it - they claim that if you stick the SE’s out, they should subside - it’s good to hear that to be true, in your case.

Keep us posted and good luck.


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Hi Julie,
I have slowly been having less migriane per week,
but it did nothing for me during menses which has just past.
2 a day, the elavil isnt helping yet!
in fact I seem to have a perminent hissing in my ear which isnt normal unless I have a (silent)migriane. at first I thought it had made a difference but now NO.

cheers jen

Hi Jenny,

thanks for asking. I have been on Verapamil since last Monday and have noticed a few mild vertigo episodes when getting up from bed or general dizziness. I believe dizzyness is one of the side affects but didnot know it would bring on a slight case of mild vertigo like symptoms. Today i decided to discontinue it temporarily because i am traveling to the mid-west on Xmas Eve by plane and don’t need any disruptions due to medication. So when i return a few days after Xmas i will get back on it again. Sorry i had no good news for you at this time.


Ok Joe,
Have a happy holliday.
warm regards jen