Will this cause rebound after more than 2 years MAV free?

Hey guys. I have a pickle here! I have had very little MAV symptoms for quite a long time now, probably a couple years now, and topamax at 50mg is the drug keeping me at bay. But, now, I have an acute inflammatory situation that needs attention and I have been prescribed naproxen (375mg) 2x per day for 3 weeks. Then I can stop it. My question is, can doing this for 3 weeks cause some sort of rebound situation that when I stop the naproxen, I could have an issue?? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks everyone


Hi Rich,

I take naproxen for menstrual cramps. I’ve never noticed any relationship with migraine. Of course my dosage is small and infrequent, unlike yours…

Good luck!

Thanks Vic. From what i understand, it’;s ok to take it for up to 2 weeks without worry of rebound. After that, according to Bucholtz, I’m asking for trouble. BUT, that’s assuming I am in a migraine pattern and having daily issues. I am not having any problems with MAV right now so I would imagine I could get through this brief period on the medication without much worry but I thought I better check to see if others knew one way or another if it could be an issue


Hi Rich,
I have taken Naproxen several times in the course of this mess and it never makes a difference one way or the other. I think you will be fine.
Topomax still working well? Did you have a lot of visual dizziness before then? I was doing some research on the anticonvulsants, and they actually classify Klonopin as a mild
anticonvulsant. I wonder if that is why it’s first choice for many neuros for treating migraine. I heard to go very, very slow with it (Top)…I am not getting any regular
"“normalcy” despite all the meds I’m currently on. Had a great week last week and this week is crappy …it’s so frustrating. Wondering if I would respond better to something else.
I also saw where Hain says not to use Effexor and Topomax together as they are a similar agent, but they aren’t are they? Maybe I"m confused!!
Thanks for any insight…

thanks for the reponse I appreciate it. To answer your question YES, I had a tremendous amount of visual dizziness (I call it visual sensitivity) and after a few months on Topamax, that symptom finally resolved. I think it’s promising that you had a good WEEK. I dont think I ever had that kind of break in my MAV when I was symptomatic. I was 24/7 and I might have had a day or two here and there early on when my symptoms would be light, but that would also be short lived. After a while, the good days stopped all together. So I think just having a solid week like you had suggests that the likelyhood that the right med will certainly hold you.

I had a few phone consults with Dr. Hain and if I remember correctly, he actually did use them together in a few instances but I could be remembering incorrectly. They have a similar action as far as helping the visual dizziness, but i cant remember if they have a similar action chemically. I think they CAN Be taken together though as I have run them through a drug interaction checker and no red flags pop up. Im not sure if it would be DESIRABLE to take both meds together though as they are both SUPER strong. I remember just TRYING Effexor and it just put me on another planet. I couldn’t tolerate even one pill so I had to stop. I guess everyone is just different and we all need the meds that we need. Finding that right combo or right med is certainly the answer as I have hardly had an issue in a couple of years now. I hope that helps. And thanks again for YOUR response


Hi Rich,
After my heart ablation, I was on asprin for about 3 months.
The asprin made my migraines much worse.
having said that, I wasnt in remission at the time, like yourself.
after I went off the asprin , things fell back to normal again.
Goodluck with it.


Thanks for the reply Jen. Interesting (but upsetting of course) that the aspirin made your migraines worse, but of course VERY comforting that you returned to “baseline” once the aspirin therapy was stopped. I wont be on this medication for that long, and will be doing this for a maxiumum of 3 weeks, and I MAY stop it after 2 weeks if I am doing really well with the other problem. So far, it’s just giving me some stomach problems, but nothing affecting MAV. I would suspect the same as your experience,…even if it DID do something negative, I would expect it to stop once the medication is stopped. Thanks very much for sharing your experience :slight_smile: