I didn’t realize this until tonight, but when I’m having a migraineur-special day, not only my energy and joie de vivre, but my functional lung capacity seem to be affected.

At my swimming class this evening, I spent a lot more time catching my breath, and I was blowing a lot harder, compared to my experience in the previous couple of classes. And I don’t believe this one was harder than the others had been. Feh. But at least I could swim, and I did get the high from having worked hard.

when I saw this title I thought you meant another kind of wind and had eaten too many beans :lol:

it’s one of those days :smiley:

Ah, Gabrielle, I am right fond of beans. And seeds. However, since getting the diagnosis, I’ve been restricting myself to black beans, and the smatterings of seeds we know as spices. (Well, okay, and grains, which I think of as essentially being seeds.)

But since you brig up the point, I think I’ll cook up some broccoli.


Here’s something on the subject. … 236275.pdf

Good one, Jen.

(though with little over a million cases compared in the study, of course the findings are tentative)

I also clipped a bit about risk elevations from the abstract and forwarded it to my sweetie, who’s been wondering whether she has mild migrainese characteristics–and suffers from eczema.

Hi David,
I had chronic eczema until I was 12, then it turned into asthma, eczema and asthma often go hand in hand, makes me wonder about allergy to tell the truth.
I still believe I have gluten and wheat intollerance as I was a little better without the demond wheat.

hope your feeling ok.
I’m not I’m havig the week from hell! :roll:

Jen, the allergy model for eczema and asthma both is one possibility; Selye-level interaction is another.

Sorry to hear you’re having it rough. By now, of course, you should be sophisticated enough in the realm to identify exactly which of the seven levels of hell you’re passing through.I’m fine at the moment, tho had a few rough days earlier. Nervous because we’re heading off for 10 days, and I don’t know what food possibilities will be at relatives’ and, especially, at the conference which is my main reason for this annual jaunt. Que sera.

True David,
I believ it’s a 6 :smiley: