Winter Woes!

So it was last year in November when it all came crashing down on me. By November 7, 2016, I was bedridden, unable to walk upstairs, unable to take a bath or shower, barely able to walk a half block. My “job” for the day, was to open the curtains, close up the fold-out couch, and make the bed. That was basically all I could handle. I even had someone come in to help me make food. I could feed myself but not always cook. After much hard work, HUGE help and insight from this community, 2 top Boston doctors, 4 different meds which I’m still on, change of diet, I slowly came around. In the summer I took my first airplane ride. Early fall, I had days when I FORGOT about the vertigo altogether (though it was always a little there.) I even got a new career, which i LOVE.

But now that it’s starting to get cold out, I’m starting to feel symptomatic again. And I can’t help but wonder if the weather or the season have anything to do with it. I’ve gotten quite casual about food - eating nuts, cheeses, and almost anything (still avoid wine, chocolate, pickles, preservatives, olives, and a few other things.) But I wonder, does anyone else have issues with the seasons? Could it be that the cold makes me worse??? I’m still functioning, but I feel that old unsteadiness creeping in. And I have a 8-hour drive scheduled for next week. Help! Insight anyone?


I haven’t been through a whole year of it, but there could be some seasonality to it - especially if you are getting low barometric pressure. but i don’t think temperature itself would affect it. being in darker, gloomier conditions might affect it - but i don’t find the dark affects me much. but we all may be different.

but also be aware that since getting much better it seems you have been stacking up a lot of things (work, travel, etc) on a condition that is probably not 100% better yet. so - i’d say take it easy… get back on the diet, don’t overwork or overdo the travel… you really don’t want this creeping back into your life if you can help it.

are you still on meds? (I assume you have had some meds) has your med dosage changed, have you cut back or stopped?

Do you mind if I ask which doctors you saw in Boston, and would you recommend them? That is one of the places that I am considering traveling to, if it comes to that.

Dr. Steven Rausch (ENT) and Dr. Gregory Whitman (Neurology), both considered some of the best in the field. Also there’s a neurologist called Prie-something, or something like that, who is supposed to be very good as well. There’s a list somewhere on this site of all the good vertigo doctors.

Yes, you’re right about that. I’ve started work, I’ve been binge-watching a TV series, and not paying much attention to food. It all seems to be adding up. The “adding up” phenomenon is very strange. You feel pretty good and then without warning you don’t. And it’s a long slow slog to get back to “pretty good.” You can’t take this beast for granted for a moment!

Yes - i get that all the time - two steps forward, start doing more stuff, then one step back…

it’s frustrating but just got to keep going forward!

Keep your focus on the very longterm trend. Look back a year - are you better? What symptoms do you no longer have or no longer bug you? Then probably in a years time you will be better still!

When you have a bad day, reflect on this. Every … Single … Time! :slight_smile:


I totally agree with James! This being said, I personally, find that barometric changes do affect me.
I have progressed to being almost entirely O.K. - BUT! a swift fall in the barometer can still bring some symptoms, as can too much computer/cell phone time! We are definitely all different, and I can find no ties to food, although I still go easy on caffeine in any form. I do also believe in the ‘cumulative’ effect of several of your personal triggers close together.
Good luck - and I hope it keeps getting better for you!!

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Yes pressure changes could well be influencing things!