Wiped out after cleaning

Hi gang,

I’ve moved into a new place that has needed a lot of cleaning. Turns out there’s a major mould problem in the main bedroom. I thought it was in the floor but it’s clear now it’s dampness in the wall facing the street. It stinks!

Anyway, in my quest to have a crack at the floor, I was told to mop it with a 25% bleach solution followed by spraying it with methylated spirits. I did two rounds of the meth.

After the meth spray I was feeling pretty freaky I have to say but not a deal breaker and so I went for a swim for the first time in 2 weeks as well. Last night in bed was horrendous. I kept waking with heart palpitations and having crazy-ass dreams all night. I haven’t had something like that happen for years. This morning I feel a bit off balance and the computer screen looks freaky. I’m anxious after such a bad night of non-stop adrenalin.

So it appears the chemicals plus the swim was a fat kid hitting the migraine swimming pool. Either that or I’m having a chemical sensitivity issue. Any of you guys ever been knocked over by methylated spirits? It’s strong stuff. :shock:


Yes it makes me nauseated and dizzy. I also hate going to the hair salon now because of the smells and the movement of the chair. The worst is when they have to tilt my head back into the sink. Yuck.

Hey Scott

Sounds like a recipie for disaster to me!

I’m not sure about meth but hair colour makes me dizzy and today I found out decking oil ( like paint) does too.

I hope you are feeling a bit better and the waters are a bit calmer? That kid needs to find another pool!

Hi Scott, what hair colour suits you best then :lol:

I used to clean the house and wondered why, every single time, the next day, I was ill. Well it was domestos down the loo, spray polish, windolene etc. but the two biggest culprits were domestos and fatigue from too much physical stuff. I never once felt OK the next day. I think its too many triggers. Now I clean the house, one room a day, I dont get the problem, even with the chemicals from the cleaners.

I once gloss painted doors and paintwork for 5 hours, I was laid on the chair as if I had run a marathon, the fatigue was overwhelming, like nothing I have felt before.

So, to sum it up, too much bleach, chemicals plus too much physical exercise! and if you swam in a chloronated pool, I am surprised you are still upright!

When you move into a new house, you inevitably do too much, when we moved into this one a few years ago, I had one vertigo attack after another for the first few months, looking back, I was simply doing too much.


Thanks guys. Christine, you summed it up really well. I did too much plus exposed myself to way too much chemical action and BOOM. Still anxious and wobbly tonight.

On days like this I thank the good scientists who invented drugs like Valium. :smiley:

BTW, all that floor cleaning was for naught too!

Christine or anyone else – have you guys ever used a vinegar spray for cleaning? I was using this last night to de-mould a cabinet. I had another weird sleep but not as bad as the night before. Also headachy as hell when I woke up but OK now.

So vinegar is a trigger in food – what about breathing it in? I guess so! :shock:

No, no problem with vinegar. I have used those vinegar sprays. Just read this:

"Mixing Vinegar With Other Mold Killing Solutions
Vinegar can mix well with some mold killing solutions. This can make the vinegar even more effective at killing mold.

However, never mix vinegar with bleach. Vinegar and bleach create a toxic mix.

Some mold killing products which are safe to mix with vinegar are borax, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and salt."

Was there bleach left on there? If not, you probably havent got over the cleaning and chemicals, it could take a couple of days.


Argh. I had the exact same scenario with cleaning and mould. I posted about it here a few weeks back.

I thought I was reacting to the mould but someone suggested I could be reacting to the cleaning products.

If you’re renting can you get the landlord on to it?

It could be the fumes but sometimes i get worse from doing something with my hands that is kinda all at one level, it’s a bit hard to explain but if i was doing say a craft like making jewellery and concentrating or scrubbing a sink, then when i go to walk away or look into the distance i am much worse. Could it be the back and forth movements of cleaning and focusing for a long time on one area/thing?

I wouldn’t advise painting the new place, we did some painting recently and that completely killed me.