Wish I could remember the name of that med.?

I had a revleation about my condition. I remember that some years ago I was at my dads and had a horrid headache. Asked him for some asprin but as he didn’t have any only hayfever sinus meds. (he gets bad hayfever) he gave me a couple of them to try and see if they’d get rid of the headache.

Well not only did the headache disappear but my horrid dizziness/fatigue improved dramatically. I felt close to normal! I made the connection many years later ie. maybe the medication had made me feel better but alas my dad couldn’t remeber the name of the medication.

I wonder does any one have any idea what properties it may have contained to alleviate my symptoms so dramatically?

Also Adam I hope to make an appointment with the Doc in Sydney within the next few weeks. Hope you’re doing ok.


PS new bub, Annie, is a delight.