With chronic MAV how do prodrome symptoms work?

still trying to figure out if I do in fact have MAV tho I tick a lot of the boxes…

today’s question: apart from the many forms of vertigo / lightheadedness / unsteadiness that are described here, what is the story with other associated “prodrome” type symptoms

eg: visual issues (in my case blurring)
numb patches on face (i get it on the tip of my nose - not true numbness if I touch it but feels numb)
strange arms sensations (mine are bilateral and not pins and needles just a heaviness with clumsy fingers)
speech issues

the reason I ask is, from what I read online prodrome symptoms come and go within around an hour and are then followed by the headache in regular migraine. but i get all these on my list for hours at a time. then again the vertigo / unsteadiness also lasts for hours. and they often happen at the same time as one or more of these ‘prodrome’ type symptoms.

does that add up to MAV? or not?

bump - anyone?

Hi, I have wondered this myself because I have not been able to understand exactly how it works for MAV. I will summarise as briefly as I can my position and see what you think. It started in April 2009, I felt off for a week or two before the dizziness started. I was needing to wee loads and I felt like my memory had gone worse. I felt generally a bit grotty but nothing I could pin down to a virus or something obvious. Then I woke up one morning and felt off balance and more strange and then over the next week panic attacks and severe anxiety set in. I also felt very fatigued. To cut a long story short, I went on feeling dizzy and tired and my neck started aching for the neck few years. The dizziness slowly improved over time but never went. Then this summer I started to feel more dizzy and it built up until by August I was having spin attacks and feeling really dizzy. I noticed in the build up period I needed to wee loads again, my mouth was dry, my memory was worse and I felt really sensitive to light, I had random sore skin feelings, headaches, sore points on my head behind my ear and when I looked up it said it was called allodynia (linked to migraine). Lots of symptoms I looked up all pointed to migrane. I had not considered it before. Then I found this site and now I have been diagnosed with Migraine vertigo.

So I guess for me I can’t quite understand if I have chronic migraine all the time causing the dizziness etc or do I have migraine attacks, (ie in April 2009 and August 2012) which mess up my vestibular system and cause the imbalance for the rest of the time. If the symptoms I have described above are part of the prodrome and postdrome phases then for me they certainly last a lot longer than a few minutes or hours. For me they last days and weeks and then leave me with chronic symptoms. I would love for someone to be able to explain it and tell me exactly what happens in my brain. I am not sure I will ever get that knowledge though because all my tests have been normal so far and it seems as though the medics are still learning when it comes to migraine. I hope someone can help you with an answer x

Hi the_mermaid

you might want to read Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Program

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it might help with some of your questions. Its a great read

Isn’t just the case that the brain is constantly “f*cked” and therefore constantly in a pro and post dome phase. Hence why we have 'chronic" MAV.

I may be wrong…

BLAH. (I’m having a bad patch. I hate MAV and everything about brains today.)

Thanks for the replies to all of you. I will try get that heal your headache book programme - thx for the tip robert!~

I am seeing the neuro on Tuesday and even tho I have a current script for Ambitriptyline I am going to wait till I’ve seen him as even tho I am pretty sure I have MAV (lots of boxes ticked) I also have ongoing symptoms that preceded this and that don’t fit the MAV picture and I want to talk to him about all of it and have a consultation without any meds in the system first.

I have started high dose magnesium meanwhile tho. so far no help and in fact tho the vertigo / unsteadiness and rocking are my worst MAV-type symptom i also had a killer headache all yesterday afternoon after working for 4 hours on a complicated spreadsheet (something I hate doing that requires lots of looking up and down and scrolling onscreen).