Woken up in night and odd symptoms

Hi All
Just wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms to me and if so is there any relief?
3 months ago I was woken up at 3am by extreme vertigo symptoms. The entire room was spinning and when I hit up to go to the toilet I fell over. These symptoms lasted 48 hours and then started to subside.
Over then next two months I had occasional dizziness spells that last a couple of minutes at a time.
For the whole of the last three months I’ve had an odd feeling in the left side of my ace and up into my forehead as though a hand is pressing on me.
Occasionally it gets warm and stars to itch.
I also feel very fuzzy and distant at times.
I have a permenant dull headache in the left side only.
I’ve been to the doctors and hospital on several occasions and has ct scans, MRI scans etc and all are clear.
Three months in and I’m absolutely drained, struggling to concentrate and very irritable.
Any help greatly appreciated

Hi Stanster,

All my symptoms started with, as I call it, “the big spinning.” I woke one morning, and boom, the entire room was spinning wildly. I couldn’t move, or it would start spinning again. I had to stay motionless for at least an hour. I was sweating, nauseated, and completely unnerved. Of course, I now know I was experiencing BPPV. Over the next year or so, the frequency of the BPPV increased. My life changed forever 2 years ago. I traveled from NY to CA, and after a few days into my trip, I woke up spinning. I struggled through my vacation, and sought physical therapy when I returned home. It was after that trip I started to feel what you are describing; headache, strange one-sided facial pain, and more. Over the last 2 years things got progressively worse. I developed a hand tremor (comes and goes), along with uncontrolled teeth chatter-- of course, dizziness, imbalance, etc. I’ve seen multiple specialists, who all diagnosed MAV. I’m being referred to a migraine clinic, and also made an appointment with an acupuncturist. I’ve tried multiple meds, prescribed by a neurologist, with no relief. I’m terribly sorry if you too are headed down this awful path. I keep praying for a miracle.

Hi there! I can’t speak about relief, but I can definitely relate to the feeling of pressure/hand pressing on you and the permanent dull headache. I hope you find answers soon. I’d also recommend seeing a headache specialist if you haven’t already.