Wondering if I need another antidepressant

Hi everyone

Right now I am taking 20mg of nori (upping it to 30 mg tonite as per doctor’s orders…eek)! I also take 1/2 of a .5 of Klonopin before bed for sleep and sometimes I take one or two 1/4 of a Klon during the day for anxiety - spread out. If I take more than 1/2 of a .5 I get really sleepy. Ativan never affected me like that which is weird - I could take a 1mg of it with no problems and it squashed that anxiety feeling like a bug! I was on 30mg of Cymbalta for 2.5 months - it seemed to help with the anxiety but the side effects were horrible - restless legs and sweating like mad! I had to go off it and have been off for about a month now.

I was doing better up until this past week - work and family issues causing horrible stress and anxiety. I have been having bad anxiety attacks even when I take more of the Klon. Today I was in the supermarket, my heart starting racing like crazy, got the dizzies really bad and almost passed out. I honestly dont know if this is a prodome to getting a migraine or if it’s only an anxiety attack. I am assuming because of the increase in life stress, the anxiety is bad and will probably cause one heck of a migraine within the next day or so. I have been writing in a journal for the past 4 months and I still can’t see any pattern.

I have a doctor appointment on Monday and I’m wondering if I should go on another SSRI or something - maybe Celexa? Something with less side effects and works well for anxiety. I’m not depressed - I just can’t seem to shake the anxiety and panic. UGH!!!


I believe you can take Celexa and Nortryptaline together. My doctor prescribed me to both and I was on 50 mg of Nort and then he prescribed celexa shortly afterwards…

One thing I noticed was that my pupils were a little bigger than normal 2 days after adding celexa. So I dumped the celexa right away. I instantly got scared of seratonin syndrome. Even though my doc said it was fine to be on both, I wasn’t taking any chances.

If I were you, I’d switch to celexa only.


I’m on 15mg Citalopram (Celexa) and 60mg Nori. There is actually a study done on the two in combination. (For depression though)


So, pretty much, they are safe to take together. Citalopram has done wonders for me anxiety wise and has limited to no side effects when your body is use to it.

I would def. recommend the combination. Unfortunately, the Nori did not work for me. But I’ve talked to a ton of people who’ve had success on Nori. And the Citalopram will help with the anxiety, where as I’ve heard Nori actually is more likely to increase anxiety. So, definitely something to look into.