Work and MAV

HI ALL, im having to go back to work next week even though im 3 weeks into a relapse, can anyone share there thoughts or experiences of this please as im so nervous and anxious!!

I’ve been suffering with MAV for over 3 years now - haven’t taken any time off work yet!

It sucks, but if you remember to breathe whenever the dizziness gets really bad and make sure to take breaks from your computer you’ll make it through the day. Then the next day comes, and soon enough you’ve back in a routine and working. Some days will be better than others, but take care of yourself and you’ll be fine.

The time off ive had has maiinly been through not getting any sleep and waking up most of the night with nausea etc - I tend to get episodes that luckily dont last too long so if you can stand the odd twinge of vertigo then go back to work - if you are getting long dizzy spells etc then maybe another sick note may be in order until your situation improoves .ive found that my new medication has made my day bearable - ask your doctor what medication he thinks may be suitable - i take popranolol. I have just read that you need to be careful if you stop taking this as it needs the doses lessened through to nil or it can result in withdrawal symptoms.

thank you I went back to work last time I had this but I did have 6 months off before with this, I think its just my nerves and anxiety that’s frightening me not so much the work, im an hairdresser so im on my feet most of the day!

I had 6 months off during which I determined the right meds.

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how you feeling today turnitaround?

Slightly better thanks! I’m finding my tinnitus slightly annoying. Which is in part a good sign as it means I’m not worrying about imbalance! How are you faring?

I don’t know how you stay so positive you should be very much proud of what you have achieved! im still feeling the same looks like im in for a very long ride of this crap again :frowning:

You may be pleasantly surprised. Keep calm and turn your attention to something pleasant to do at home. Are you comfortable enough to read a book for a bit of escapism? Or a movie?

I can just about read and watch tv but only for a couple of hours,i do spend too much time thinking of my symptoms and how long its going to take to get better again infact I don’t stop reading success stories I just feel so deflated!

You were a success once already. Just need to let it run its course. I’ve gone for a walk (also a highly recommended distraction.). Think of the strategies you used last time to cope?

my strategies were very MAV unfriendly infact looking back im surprised I ever got better, out all the time getting drunk and eating junk food working all hours etc etc it was a miracle really!

Which goes to prove there is little point in worrying about what you consume etc. Just let nature take its course. I believe that that’s most often in a positive direction. For you it’s just an annoying relapse. You’ll be back to fighting form!

Ive never touched caffeine in the last 5yrs but now ive resorted to not having cheese or chocolate either as im more fearful now since it bit me on my arse again, I suppose I just need to see it through and hopefully sometime soon it goes away again!

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I had a very good 3-4 weeks recently when I felt like I was genuinely making big strides to get better. I had one or two coffees every day of that period. Oops

keep plugging away …things will get easier with the right medication. I tend to just focus on one day at a time and not worry about things i cannot control.

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I was off work for nearly 6 months and was extremely anxious when I returned. Found out that fluorescent lighting is a huge trigger for me, so this has been removed from my area of the office and this has helped so much. Could you make any changes at work to reduce any triggers, e.g. Lights or noise etc? Really hope things improve for you

hi moonie im a hairdresser so its impossible to remove the fluorescent lights and im on my feet all day but I really need to go back!

I am a school teacher. Noise and fluorescent lights are triggers. I guess I just learn to cope. I have had a marked reduction in sick days since being diagnosed two and a half years ago and not driving to work. I car pooled for a while. Now I only live a 5 minutes walk to work. If I feel okay I can drive short distances if not my son often drives. Before being diagnosed I used to drive 60kms to and from work.It became too scary if I would start to get dizzy half way to work. Then the anxiety sets in. Am I going to passout and crash?

Aniexty and depression are all part of MAV and In my experience makes the symptoms of it worse.
Ive had this condition for 15 years and have tried various medications etc over the years.
To be perfectly honest the only thing that has truly helped me at all is ACT therapy .
This is acceptance and commitment therphy and has helped me cope with this condition.
I remain hopeful that one day I will be cured or all this will stop ( mines hormone related ).
I’m very relaxed about it now and have a better attitude … It is what it is…is my catchphrase !
Take care everyone X