Working Full-Time

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering how many MAV Folks here at the Forum are able to work Full-Time?? For the last 11 years i’ve only been able to work part-time because the more stress/stimula on my job can aggravate my MAV symptoms. Even though i’m approximatley 70% better after 18 years of this dizzy condition i’m still reluctant to work full-time. I continue to work as a Substitute so that if i have a couple of bad days all i have to do is call and leave a message with my Supervisor that i won’t be in and it’s not counted against me. I don’t even have to tell them the reason why i won’t be in. I still feel somewhat fragile so i must be cautious.

So who are the Full-Time Workers here? :-)…who ever you are…your very lucky!


Hi Joe,
I have been working full time since this all started for me 7 months ago. To be honest it has been a real struggle, and without the Clonazepam I don’t think I would get to work at all. Clonazepam has helped me more than anything. I have a very stressful job - I am a research associate at a University and I manage the recruitment and education for a large research study. I am under constant pressure to recruit participants. In addition I have to give presentations to medical professionals. I am probably one of the few people that enjoys public speaking, but for the last 3 months I have not been able to give presentations because I don’t feel well enough yet. I am strongly thinking of leaving my present position and I spent the Christmas holidays working on my resume. I am certain that the stress of my present position caused this whole MAV nightmare in the first place and is a barrier to recovery - Lisa

work full time but it’s getting harder and harder as i’ve gotten sicker. i’ve been sick off and on with dizziness for 30 years. last year was horrible. I wish i could retire but am not old enough. Thank God i’m able to telecommute because of the nature of my job off and on. I don’t know what i’d do if i couldn’t.

I just keep thinking how am i going to make it through til retirement. my BF and i talk a lot about retirement but have anotherh 6-1/2 years to go at the very least :frowning:

I hope this year is better for ALL of us!!!

Lisa hope you get a less stressful job!!!


I used to work full time and was too conscientious in my job, therefore the boss chucked most of the work at me as no matter how much he put on my desk, I would get through it (really helpful for this illness … not!) He then gave me his jobs to do at the bank etc. along with my own in my lunch hour. I got worse and worse. The worse thing I remember, was just after a big pile of work was put on my desk I had a severe vertigo attack and said I had to go home (there was no way I could push through that) and the look on the faces of the other two women in the office said it all (nobody understands full blown vertigo unless they have had it) so along with the pressure of the job there was the pressure of people thinking you were just sciving off. Horrible.
My heart goes out to any of you trying to struggle on with a full time job with this illness.


Hi Joe,

Over the years of having Mav, I’ve aquired a few issues kinda built a wall around myself , my “protection bubble”.
Some might call it aviodence problem.
Even though I’m feeling better , Stress builds up and I chicken out, for fear of triggering this angry monster again.
yes it’s fear driven anxiety.
I suppose a trigger is a trigger be it food or anxiety it’s still the same!

Sad really as I use to be a bit of a social butterfly.
loved people, enjoyed being a singer onstage and dealing with the public.
But now that just plain freaks me out.

I doubt I’ll be racing out to get a job anytime soon! :frowning:


I don’t know that I have a lot to contribute here, so I’ll fire away anyhow.

I’ve been self-employed, a one-person shop, for 30+ years. When I was real sick, well, I couldn’t go out and take care of customers–not and do any kind of decent job. However, I also sit at my desk and write, partly for $ and partly as the major part of my volunteer contributions. This I can do and do do whether I’m well or ill, along with CE activities, for more than a “full working day” whether or not there’s an immediate deadline, whether or not the recession has cut customer calls way down, whether or not I’m somewhat muddle-headed.

This said, when I think about the fact that my earnings have been in the sub-basement for the last few years, and consider taking up the role of employee, I get rather nervous. In good part that’s because of the MAV, but it’s also the matter of being out of practice and being older than your average hire. My neurologist suggested that if I take a job, on a brain-fog day I may need to head home early, saying I’m not feeling well. Mebbe.

Thank you David, Jenny, Christine, Chris, & Lisa for your contributions to this post. Very interesting input!

I believe i’m around 70% better after 18 years of this dizzy monster messing with my head. I worked for the phone company for 20 years (1979-1999) and took a severance pkg in 1999. The MAV condition went full-force in 1992 so i struggled to stay full-time with the phone company for 7 years (1992-1999) but i also went on two short-term disabilities and called in sick quite a bit. By 1999 it got to a point where i felt i was going to be fired if i didn’t leave and SBC was buying Out Pacific Bell…so i took the package and got the heck out of that job. I honestly believe that i was going to be canned adventually cause even my supervisor turned on me.

After this 18 year ordeal i have come to believe that working a stressful job with the phone company and not feeling appreciated plus taking on a new job out of my department (and it didn’t work out for me) so i had to return to my old job…ALL of this in my opinion helped to bring on the Vertigo episodes which adventually brought on MAV. I just don’t know what else could have done it. During my stressful years with the phone company i took alot of things way too serious, being a perfectonist …going home worrying about deadlines, etc. Hopefully i’ve learned some lessons…now i work part-time working a job that i truly enjoy and receive alot of positive feedback from my supervisor. It doesn’t pay nearly as well but i’m surviving… I’m using my god given strengths compared to when working for the phone company…it was just a job that paid well with great benefits so i stayed.

I truly beleive STRESS can do ungodley things to people…whether it’s work related or a death in the family…a divorce, etc.


Hey Everyone…i just wanted to add a bit more.

I’ve had this Motion condition (MAV) for so many years now that it has affected me mentally, emotionally and physically. Seems like i’m much more sensitive to any kind of motion… and a bit too much stress really gets me good! In some respects i feel more fragile in general and even if i do make the 100% improvement… will i still be the same as i was before this condition started? It takes me longer to learn things and i really have to watch the stress factor. Well…time will tell how all of this plays out. I know one thing for sure…i will never go back to working a high stress job again!


Hi Joe,

I’m new on here and have been suffering with MAV for about 5 years on and off (but just over a year with it all the time). I have managed to work full time, but have been pretty fortunate in that a) I can arrange my own work and can work at home if I don’t feel up to driving, b) I never have any problems sitting still and looking at a computer screen, and c) my very worst spells happened to fall when I was on holiday over the summer. I work as a scientist/researcher, and do all my lab work on good days and stay home to write up stuff and do my research on my bad days.

There are loads of jobs I wouldn’t be able to manage, so I am just lucky I happen to have one that’s very flexible.

Hi Joe,
I am in total agreement with you about the stress factor. I feel so vulnerable and fragile from dealing with this disorder that I don’t have the resiliency that I used to have to manage very stressful work conditions. I have a job interview this Thursday for a position working with developmentally delayed children. I just got a promotion as a research associate for my current job but it is just not worth sacrificing my health for a job. If I don’t get this job I will keep trying to find something else. This past year has been a real wake up call on the value of having good health - Lisa

Hey Lisa,

I also don’t have the resiliency to manage stressful work conditions. It’s like after all these years of battling this condition my body has changed …or something has happened. My patience for stressful situations just isn’t there like it use to be. I’ve never done too well under lots of stress but now it affects me more cause many of the MAV symptoms increase if i’m too stressed out. I work with mentally challenged adults and really enjoy this and yes it has it’s stressful moments but i’m using my best skills so i seem to enjoy most everything about it. Congrats on your promotion but if you are having second thoughts concerning added stress, well this is something your really going to have to think about. Especially with having MAV…we need to be in a job that were enjoying without have incredible stress.

Best of Luck,


Beech…sounds like you have a good setup with your full-time job situation being able to work at home and arrange your own work, etc. I continue to work part-time as a Substitute working with mentally challenged adults. ON days i don’t feel well i can call in …no questions asked. So this continues to work well for me.

I’m really happy this job setup is working for you.

Joe, glad you have a job that is so rewarding, but also flexible enough to work well for you. I think this is so important for managing our MAV as well as we can.

Hi everyone,
I survived my job interview today. I took 1/4 of a Clonzepam before going so I wasn’t very dizzy. I liked the building that I applied to work in - perfect for people with MAV. No patterned carpets or weird lighting. Funny the things you notice once you get MAV - Lisa

Well done Lisa – I understand the feeling re the lights etc too. I have to worry about computer screens as well. Lately my tolerance for screens has dropped. I haven’t been able to use that sexy new MacBook Air. Just sits there collecting dust. It kills me.

Hope the job comes through for you. I’m STILL waiting to hear about an interview in mid-December.


Congratulations Lisa! So you will be working with mentally challenged children? Hopefully this will be a good fit for you. I know what you mean by having to take a small portion of anti-anxiety med for a job interview. If i don’t…i feel lots of motion and rocking plus it’s hard to think clearly. But with a litte med it helps to calm it down.

Hey Scott…what job interview is this for? Are you changing jobs too?


Hey Joe – yeah, I’ll have to look for new ground soon as my current contract expires in a few months. Waiting to hear about something from last month. No idea what’s going on. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Best of Luck…Scott!


Hi Joe,
yes I applied to work with mentally challenged children. However, I think I will end up staying at my current job. The position that I applied for only allows 1 sick day per month - that is a real problem with MAV. My current job is stressful but I am protected by a powerful union with excellent illness coverage. I guess I will have to meet with my current boss and negotiate with her about work demands. This disorder is such a pain - it creates havoc in all areas of life - Lisa

I’m struggling with work too. I was ill on 23/23 and some of 25th December. My fiance picked me up on 24th and took me to his house (I couldn’t drive - too ill). I then had a full week at his doing basically nothing - just chilling and relaxing and it was amazing - msot days were symptom free! I went back to work on Tuesday 3rd Jan and BAM - a busy day and all this week I’m feeling crap again! I do have a pressure job and after this it seems obvious that its affecting me, but I don’t really know what to do about it! The tablets Dr Silver gave me (Lyrica) do seem to be having some effect, and I have more better days than before, and I’m not up to the full dose yet - so fingers crossed.
My job is a firefighter, although at the moment I’m on modified duties - ie not on fire engines!! The thought of going into burning buildings and seeing the results of an RTC now fill me with horror - I can’t seem to cope with nasty things anymore (even the news stresses me) and I feel like I’ve lost all my confidence - I was a right adventure freak and gym bunny before this hit me!
To all of those of you who still manage to work fulltime - well done! I hope I can get there one day as I’m just working half days at the moment - work keep saying ‘aren’t you better yet’ - if only it was that easy!!
Take care all x

it’s so sad what this illness takes away from all of us. It makes me soooooooo sad. I am hoping to get through til retirement age :slight_smile: