Worried: never "back to before" after stopping meds

What I mean by this is that after Effexor, I never really got back to “pre-Effexor” state – it made me worse, but coming off I never got better – and same with Inderal. I feel easily as awful now as I did 5 days ago, when I stopped it.

Even though Hannah (I think it was) said that it took her weeks to get back to normal after a bad Effexor experience, I’m concerned. It’s like my condition – MAV or not – gets progressively worse with each bad medicine, but being off the medicine doesn’t make things better. Can “wrong medicines” effectively speed up (or even force) the progressive worsening of MAV or similar conditions?

I find I feel so hideous I can’t stand myself. Even lying down, the rocking is there. Nothing about this is better in any way; everything is doing a crash-and-burn.

By the way, I find I’m constantly (and without “trying” to) holding my eye / temple in my fingers. Like some vain, constant, subconscious effort to hold my head up and steady.

Anyway, those are my concerns about the medicines. Why don’t I get better after getting back off and having been off…?

That actually has happened to me as well. I’m not sure how to explain it. Perhaps, our symptoms are just naturally progressing with time until we find the correct treatment. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time. i feel for you.

Oh, I hear you on this one and empathsize with you. That is one of the reasons I asked how long people take between med trials. At the time being, as awful as it is, I would like to take six months to rid my body of all the meds as I am non-functional on the ones I tried and off.

Hang in there,