Worse in the beginning of med trial?

Hello…I just started 250mg Keppra 10 days ago. I do not see alot about Keppra on this forum, but I know it is also an anticonvulsant like Topa. Who here felt extra dizziness initially (esp those on Topa, Keppra, etc) then improved later?? My neuro said titrate every week but I have no intentions of budging from this dose until this (hopefully) settles down. No other noticeable side fx, mood and anxiety seem to be slightly better on this drug.

that is pretty normal i think i would try to give it 2-3 weeks if u can to see if u get back to ur baseline and then increase from there. i will probably try keppra soon let me know how u do not a lot of people on here seem to take it.

The meds that were the most effective for me also made me feel the worst in the beginning. Not everyone is like that, but how you feel in the first few weeks doesn’t necessarily predict how you will feel later on. If the side effects don’t start backing down after a few weeks, that’s when I would probably call your doc (barring any red flag type side effects. Those are not to be ignored).

Thanks guys. Still on that same dose of Keppra and the only side effect I can see is STILL dizzier than usual. I really am determined to make this work because it is already improving my mental health, even after being on it for just 2 weeks. Another thing I should mention is prior to my MAV diagnosis(and Keppra script), I was taking about 5mg Valium most days then I stopped the same day I started Keppra…honestly I have not felt anxious enough for a Val since starting the K, plus my neuro does not want me to take V more than twice a week, because my brain definitely needs to learn to compensate without benzos. I certainly agree. Any chance this extra dizziness may be residual withdrawal from V rather than the new med? No other V withdrawal symptoms I dont think…

it is possible the extra dizziness could be from stopping the valium. i took xanax every night on a regular basis at the lowest dose and when i stopped i felt like crap for a few days. its hard to say bc u stopped it and started a new drug at the same time so dont know which is responsible. how long have u been on the keppra for now? are you on the lowest dose? what other mav meds have u tried?

Well, that’s the trouble with changing more than one thing at a time - it’s hard to know what is causing what. That said, yes, there is definitely a chance that the change in valium could be contributing. A lot of seizure meds can also cause dizziness, so really it could be one or the other or both. Hang in there!

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Hi guys. Well i stayed on that low dose of Keppra for 3 weeks before titrating to 500mg. Stayed on 500 for a week as I did not feel particularly different, then this past Friday i titrated to 750 (my neuro says i can titrate once a week). Well, for the most part, i seem okay since moving to 750…probably back to baseline dizziness by now, but since late Sunday night I have experienced bouts of discomfort and anxiety. Examples: tingling, brain zaps, extreme worry of fainting/seizure (no logical reason to assume this, so i think that is the anxiety talking), and I still get that heavyheaded/“Alice in Wonderland” feelings. I think rather than titrate again later this week, I may just stick this dose out a little longer. I think my target dose according to my neuro is supposed to be 1500-ish but i do not see myself making it there anytime soon. How slow did the rest of you have to titrate your meds?
Other meds i have tried in the past: 30mg cymbalta (improved my mav but not mental health unfortunately), celexa, remeron, and wellbutrin which all made me worse physically and mentally. I just got an official mav diagnosis last month by my new neuro