Worsening anxiety

Hey everyone,

Once I started celexa I got my anxiety and dizziness under control. I still get headaches and I am sensitive to light sometimes but my dizziness is manageable now. I just recently found out that my mom has breast cancer. This has been pretty stressful on me and my dizziness has gotten worse. I am not sure if it is because I am just anxious and then thinking about it or what? Or if it is a coincidence. Then I start to worry that my dizziness will come back and be much worse. Has this ever happened to anyone? Is there anything to stop this cycle of dizziness/anxiety before it gets worse?

Thanks so much!


could you up your dose of celexa at all, even if just temporarily? do you take any benzos for anxiety?

i remember pre-mav, i took prozac 20 mg for a few years and that really helped my anxiety. but then i went through a stressful period and it wasn’t enough- my dose was raised to 40 mg and that did the trick- you can always go back down if you feel like the stress has passed. of course i am speaking about my pre-dizziness life though.