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Worst instance of MAV in years. Any tips

It’s been close to 2 years since my symptoms have flared up like this.

Today I have severe head/ear pressure. It feel like the nerves on the left side of my head are squeezing my ear, head and face. Vary uncomfortable, and lots of dizziness and vertigo. Also, some congestion, nausea and hypersensitivity to foods and smells. Some chest tightness and mild weakness too. But the cognitive effects are worse as many of you know.

I attribute this to the change in weather. I live in rainy Vancouver, Canada and January’s here can be BRUTAL.

For the past 2 years or so daily antihistamines have helped keep my migraines at a reasonable level. The trouble is that it only works for about 30 days. I stopped taking the antihistamines right before the storm, which in hindsight may have been a bad idea.

I am experiencing my worst 2-3 day period in years and need help. I need to try something that will help over the weekend. Any recommended CBD oils, teas, coffees, etc.

My usual strategy is the following: daily antihistamine , aspirin when needed, NeilMED sinus rinse when needed, and cold compress when needed. I avoid triggers like salty foods and noisy environments.

Hi. Sorry I cannot offer any Cure All tips to get you through the week-end. Wish I could. We could both do with some as we seem to have a lot in common.

What a timely post. I must say. I’m way away in a very rainy UK. In fact last week we had our only constantly dry (five days) period we have had since last September. Out West where I live we’ve had rain everyday and often pretty much all day for months. Wettest winter for 15 years apparently. I can well believe it. Vancouver, most particularly Vancouver Island, has been much in the television news here recently so I’ve seen your weather’s much the same but colder.

Everyone of us MAVers eventually gets to know their own version of MAV pretty well and I know you’ve been a long-time sufferer. I recognised your username instantly, so I doubt I could teach you much. I’ve no idea what might have aggravated your version of The Beast but I have been wondering about my own. Like you lately, last month or so, I’ve had a return of the head pressure you describe so accurately, on a daily basis. In my case a preventative, Propranolol, stopped that for me except on very rare occasions about 18 months ago although I suffered it constantly for about four years before that. Trying to work out why is difficult because on meds I’ve been gradually improving in many other ways still.

Having had very restricted access to outdoor exercise until a couple of weeks ago I am currently able to walk outside in a quiet (not too visually stimulating) environment again daily and I am noticing this, whilst not instigating that pressure, certainly increases it and, in my case at least, I am beginning to attribute it to light levels at this time of year. Yours in Vancouver should be very similar I’d imagine. Cyclonic gloom. It’s light but barely so. Almost dusk-like for the greater part of the day. I suspect something has triggered increased sensitivity and those low light levels which produce Contrast (Light) Sensitivity (dark foreground and featureless grey sky being only light source) one of the commonest types of Photophobia are increasing any already existent pressure. In a nutshell, it could be Photophobia. I find the farther I walk outside in this Gloom the worse I feel. My eyes appear to stop working as a pair and eventually I begin to feel drunk and if I don’t move away from the trigger disorientation will start to kick in. It’s not only outside concentrating on the computer screen can fo it too. If particularly sensitive even indoors you might find varying light levels having a similar effect.

Not sure if this will resonate with you but might be worth looking at your problem from that angle. See if it fits. If it does then maybe (stupid as it seems I know) Dark glasses outside, then look at evening up house lights etc. Might help.

Aspirin is supposed to be good for vestibular migraine. Last neurologist I saw suggested I tried Soluble Aspirin. Same neuro said the pressure is the migraine. Perhaps you should find out if it’s safe for you to up the dose temporarily. Soluble should Kick in within 20 minutes, ordinary takes 100. Helen