Wow now I have a fever!

MAV related anxiety is causing this fever I have to make me feel like I have meningitis… MaV has really turned me into a heath anxiety nut case. as tho things could not get worst, sorry just had to vent that

But the thing is you recognise that. So you are not going mad :).

Health anxiety is part of the challenge with MAV and I don’t blame anyone for experiencing that side of it.

Part of the trick is getting on top of symptoms with meds and then distracting yourself with meaningful stuff you enjoy.

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thank you
Ill keep u updated you’re the best

Venting is always good ,especially when it is in an environment where people understand!!!
Just try to relax (I know! I know!!) and go with the flow! This, too will pass…really!!!
Hang in there!!

Yeah. I had a three week taste of what its like to be normal again very recently. I’ll be back there. Proved to me it can be done. Keep going. Be positive. Let it pass.