Not sure if everyone follows the same diet but one of the things I miss most with my Drs diet restrictions is nuts! I miss peanut butter a lot and found this product, thought I would only waste a bit of money if it was bad. To my utter surprise: it’s so good and all natural. Had a “peanut butter” and jelly sandwich yesterday! I highly recommend!

Wowbutter (Peanut butter alternative)
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Loove peanut butter. I think nuts figures on most of the diets. Well, just fancy. Wowbutter is available in UK too. Checked Amazon. Don’t know if buying it there would help this site financially still? @turnitaround? Rather expensive, some of its P&P I guess, I’m tempted. What is in it though? Soya? Isn’t that fermented? I should know the answer to that but I don’t.

I don’t know. ‘Fings ain’t what they used to be’. These days we’ve got oat ‘milk’, almond ‘milk’ etc and now nut free peanut butter. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll recognise a cow next time I see one. They haven’t altered them too, have they. Helen


Hi Helen!
It really is so good! It has a more “roasted” flavor than actual peanut butter but it’s been so long since I’ve had real peanut butter, it tasted great to me!
Indeed it is roasted soy with no artificial flavors or additives.
I was pleasantly surprised!


Thanks for the recommendation, sounds yum!! :yum:

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I’m keeping to the heal your headache diet to be safe and they say soy is a maybe so I avoid it to be safe (they say soy oil is fine which I think includes lecithin too). I find sunflower butter tastes better than wow butter and is cheaper if folks are looking for a soy free alternative.

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“Heal your Headache”
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