Writing essays

I hate this illness. Everytime I write an essay for my degree I get a migraine. I haven’t even started, still in the research stage, and I feel sick, have a headache, and want to sleep. Off to bed and to face it again tomorrow :frowning:

My work is all computer based writing. I’ve had to accept I’m no longer a superstar. I can no longer just power thru. Instead, I seek help, slow down and take more time, accept my limitations and work within them or around them when I can. It’s a different mindset and it recognizes the simple truth that MAV changes your plans.


Sad, but true! It is the only way to stop one going nuts!

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try out a flicker-free screen if you can. it does help; at least it did help me.

also - try writing on paper, at least when you are doing your notes, to avoid screens triggering MAV unnecessarily. (remember that flat, bendy stuff, usually white, rectangle shape? paper.)


I’ve heard rumours about it that white bendy stuff I’ve heard it’s quite useful!

I’m doing a Master’s degree and I’ve struggled with computer use until recently. My partner suggested that I try using the page up and page down buttons instead of scrolling (it’s mostly the scrolling that triggers my vertigo). It’s made a HUGE difference. I stuck some tape over the wheel on my mouse so I can’t scroll accidentally and I’m using the page up and down buttons all the time now. I highly recommend it. I can tolerate computer use for hours on end now without it triggering vertigo symptoms.

ooh i just tried that, it does make a difference - thank you!

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Most welcome! It’s really helped me. I’m glad it’s working for you too.

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