You know your life has changed when

You respond to what would you do if you were rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Well I’d make Dr Surethiran come stay at my house till I’m better.

Then As a thank you i would build him a massive mav/migraine hospital were he would see all his patients and train up new drs so that we could open new buildings all over the country until mav/complicated migraine is so commonly talked about that people who had even one headache in their life started living the migraine diet and obey his 5 C’'s.

Then pile the rest into migraine research and then perhaps pay of my house.

To me that sounds bliss! I think I really am losing it, I felt the need to share : )

I agree totally with your premise. I often think if I hit the lottery I would try to start a foundation/ public awareness campaign for mav; so, others wil not feel so alone or get possible solutions to some of their suffering. Maybe, someday, one of us will be so lucky.

I’ll let you know if I win, if you return the favour :slight_smile:

Okay… :smiley: