Your dizziness?

Please try and explain your dizziness in a couple of words

E.g things are moving, spinning sensation, unsteadiness, light headedness, drunk feeling, spaced out. etc

Lightheadedness, spaced out, couple of drinks (tipsy)

Disorientated, unsteadiness, walking on a ship, instability in my vision.

Disequilibrium, lightheaded, woozy with some vertigo attacks thrown in for good measure!

Off balance with swimmy head, jumpy vision and vertigo attacks

mine feels more like a pressure, almost as if something is pushing on me

Feels like the environment is moving slightly even when I’m sitting still. Movement in the environment seems exaggerated and fast and makes me feel like I’m moving. Sometimes it feels like my head is in a washing machine rocking back and forth. Head pressure all the time and nausea. Sometimes feels like I am in an elevator, that drop feeling. No spinning vertigo but feels like it’s on the verge all the time.

unbalanced drunk feeling when standing, illusion of things moving in my vision, derealisation and feelings of impending doom with the anxiety

24/7 rocking vertigo, rocking vision, spaced-out, someone pushing and pulling me when i walk, moments of falling, neck pain & pulsing

Drunk, heavy head frontal lope, eye pressure