Your leg/walking symptoms?

Hi all!
Just have a lot of questions at mo!

Can you tell me what your leg/walking symptoms are?

At present i am suffering quite badly with walking.
When i walk, i’m all over the place, off balance. It feels as if my head is miles away from my feet and my feet are made of jelly!
Sometimes it feels like i’m not walking on my feet. More like pivits! ( can’t spell it!, lol).

My legs begin to really really ache, throbbing and walking becomes so difficult. Work surfaces and shoe ware also make walking worse!

A lot of you discuss head symptoms being the worsed. I just wondered if this was a worse symptom for you as I?

Many thanks!


Hi, I have a lot of issues with walking but I have menieres and silent migraines. I for years have suffered with poor balance and standing in one spot has been very difficult. I don’t know which disease is causing this and I also had surgery which has seemed to make the walking way worse. I walk very slow and guarded due to I lose my balance.

What you have sounds just like what I had in the early years. I have not been in a mall for years due to this. Wherever I go it ends up being about how far I have to walk. I sure feel for you; no one should have to suffer as we do. I am pretty much homebound.

My head is a real problem now but the walking has been a issue for years. It has not really ever resolved for me. Hopefully it will for you.

Hugs for you dear. Just try to hang in there.

Hi Kelly,
I thought I’d put my two cents worth in lol

It’s hard for me to decipher what is causing my walking issues.
When all this started I was a vocalist on stage 6 gigs a week, stumbling around on a tiny stage 3 meters wide with equipment/power leads all over the floor, (in stilettos) of all things.

I was living in Shanghia/china at the time, so getting out and about was horrific.
My Darling hubby used to try and help by saying lets go shopping/ exercise, he thought the walking would help me snap out of what ever was happening, both of us not knowing that what I had was migraine.

Between crossing roads through bike riders and cars shooting past you, within millimeters of hitting you, and the darn potholes every two steps you took, it was a nightmare.

Funnily enough when we got back to Australia, a year later, I was still feeling the potholes, but they weren’t there.
My knees would buckle under me.

Interesting thing for me is, if the migraine isn’t too bad, I can still don on a pair of stilettos and feel I walk better in them, than on bear feet.
It might be because I learnt to walk with my dizziness in stiletto heals, and thigh high boots, Hmmm?

I have amazing balance regardless of mav.
Having said that, I have fallen before.

Also if I choose a route and stick to it, (walk with purpose) I find I’m ok, but don’t let anyone/crowds in my way or slow me down, or I’ll wobble like crazy.
My knees and ankles crack and pop and feel arthritic.
The muscles in my legs are sore/stiff all the time.

And during a migraine I feel like they aren’t connected to my body.
Which freaks me out. Groce….

Kelly, I think most people here can relate to what you’re saying about walking with migraine.

Yuck! :shock:

Best to you Kelly.
jen from oz

to look at me… one would think i have perfectly normal balance (which i guess i do because i can clearly walk like normal person).
i guess it would be described a complete “sensational” thing. my legs don’t ache or anything like that.
the ground is completely and utterly unstable and i get the sensation that i am sinking into it and that it is not at all flat.
it’s nothing to do with my legs - they seem to be working just fine… for some reason my brain thinks that ground is not flat - when i know quite well it is! how is this POSSIBLE?

My 5 year old son said , “Mommy should start going to the gym so she can learn how to walk.” I lose my balance often. I have trouble walking on uneven, bumpy surfaces. Standing on an incline or decline or any unlevel surface it challening for me. My balance difficulties are most noticeable when I turn or round a corner or when I reach up or over for something. When my dizziness is active my legs, particularly my thighs, feel sore. During the tought times, I think I tend to overuse my leg muscles in an attempt to stabalize myself. I feel like my balance is worse in the a.m and improves somewhat as the day progresses. Hope this info. helps you to not feel so alone with your leg concerns. Kristen

Ella85 - TOTALLY possible - my first symptom was an uneven floor. Feels like walking on an elevator that can’t decide whether it’s going up or going down. Others have described it as trampoline-like or cushion-like. When it’s particularly bad, I feel like I’m walking on a ship in high waves and the ground is being jerked out from underneath me in all directions.

Get me the hell off this elevator! And dock the damn boat! AGH!

Walking, driving, . . .any kind of navigating is messed up by not knowing where up and down and straight are.

Metaphor: Friday, we saw a play at the Washington Shakespeare Theater, an updated 17th cent farce by Corneille. One character could not say anything he believed was untrue. He demonstrated his disability to a (?)maiden by telling her that he considered her an “8” and simply could not say she was a “10”; “You’re a te-uh[size=85]hh[/size], a tueh-uh[size=85]h[/size]. . . a tu-uh[size=85]h[/size][size=50]h[/size]. . . .” He knew what he wanted to say, much like I knew I wanted to stand up, when I couldn’t. I do find that repositioning exercises help some. Still, I used to have very, very good balance, and I will be surprised if I get all the way back.

Now stilletos would be a hell of a challenge . . .

Thats pretty good if you can walk in high heels! I have a awful time with shoes and had worn the same leather shoes for years. I had to give them up due to they were falling apart. I try on pair after pair but they dont feel right. Not sure how to explain it any better. I managed to find a new pair but I still dont really care for them.

Hmm, leg symptoms huh, well let me add a little to this thread. Like all my symptoms, this one varies and changes from day to day. Like others have said, can’t stand on slopes of any type, can walk slopes, but with difficulty some days. Uneven ground provides all sorts of challenges, this one is even complicated more than just balance problems becuase of a fused ankle. Elevators are an absolute no-no.

Now to the meat of the topic for me… FALLING. I fall with an extremely high frequency. Anywhere from a few times a day to several times an hour. I have recently been trying to clearify my description of my falling for a new round with the docs, and I have come up with three variations. One is I feel like I weigh a ton, and my legs simply can’t hold me. Other days, I feel like I am walking about two feet above the ground, and my feet are having problems telling if they are supporting my weight. The scary one is where I feel fine and I just fall, if walking it feels like I stepped in a whole, if standing still, it feels like the ground just disapeared.

Then there are the mystery shoves from the invisible man. This usually happens while standing still, and it simply feels like I got shoved in any direction but forwards. I’ve taken out displays in checkout lines, been flung into the person behind me in line, most of the time though I just go flying across the room for no reason.

My legs never feel sore or ache. On the days that gravity seems to have amplified, my legs do feel exhausted, like I just walked 10 miles and have 20 more to go.

I’ve had the mystery shoves from the invisable man for years. I hate those!!

— Begin quote from “Butterfly”

I’ve had the mystery shoves from the invisable man for years. I hate those!!

— End quote

So does the guy standing line behind me that I crash into from time to time. :lol: