Your remedy for teeth grinding due to your meds?

Hi. I know some of us here have bruxism (teeth grinding) issues due to our medications (Effexor, etc). I have suddenly started grinding my teeth (as seen by my TMJ doc and the fact that my jaw muscles are more sore daily now - they usually aren’t even with the TMJ, as I am being treated for that ok). I’m pretty sure it is due to my anti-depressant (Tofranil). I’m probably staying on this med for a while to give it a good trial run, but I need to find a way to stop the grinding. I know I can wear a splint/retainer to help protect the teeth (not that I want to), but has anyone found a way to actually teach yourself not to grind? There is biofeedback but I wondered if anyone has found a way on their own without the help of a doc? Apparently there is a med to help with this too but I’d rather not add yet another med to my daily cocktail of meds for MAV! Thanks.

PS. I should note that I already wear a special splint for my TMJ when I sleep, so I guess I am grinding during the day too (and thus, when the damage is occuring and jaw is getting sore?)


I just lost a tooth due to bruxing. I also wear a night guard, and take a med (Klonopin) to help reduce the bruxing. The only way that I know of to actually “teach” yourself how not to grind is the biofeedback thing, and meditation. I know, I said a hippie, fen schwa word, :smiley: “meditation.” Grinding is a subconcious things, so who knows? Meditation is supossed to work at that level. Personally I think that it things don’t get better in a few weeks, I may be trying the biofeedback thing.