Zonegran for migraine in patients who failed on Topamax

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Here’s an article Lisa found on the use of Zonegran for migraine in a group of patients who failed on Topamax due to adverse events. Thanks to Marci too for making us aware of this med and its positive effect for her.

[size=130]Zonisamide for migraine prophylaxis in patients refractory to topiramate[/size]
Clinical Neuropharmacology 2009

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Zonisamide therapy was initiated at a dosage of 50 mg/d; it was increased at 100 mg/d over the second week and at 200 mg/d over the first month. At this moment, the dosage was modified until 400 mg/d, as tolerated. Patients were allowed to continue analgesics and other medications for migraine, including abortive but not preventive therapies.

The results of this study suggest that zonisamide may be an effective agent for migraine prevention, and they are consistent with those of previous studies. Zonisamide therapy resulted in significant improvements in severity and frequency of migraine attacks and use of acute medication. In addition, the drug was safe and well tolerated.

Limitations of the current study include its uncontrolled and open-label design. There was no quantification of the duration of the migraine attacks or headache-associated disability except the indirect measure of the use of acute medication.

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