1 month into Zoloft(Sertraline) Worse than when i started

Its decision time and i wondered what you all thought.
Ive been on a low startup dose of zoloft for visual vertigo/dizziness/MAV for 1 month.
To be honest i think the dizziness is worse plus im getting headaches which I didn’t get before the zoloft - i think this stuff is just irritating my brain more.
I think i have 2 choices as im not getting anywhere on 25mg.
Increase to 50 or quit…
I know there’s not many taking Zoloft here but any ideas appreciated.


Hi thanks for reply.
Normal startup dose of sertraline is 50mg. Im already breaking them in half and only take 25mg. I couldn’t possibly live like this for another 2 months. I never had headache previous to taking these. I Think ill have to throw towel in on this one.

I wouldn’t say it’s decision time at all i’m afraid. You have to take migraine preventatives for atleast 3 months at a high enough dose to see effect. I went through a terrible time the first month on AMI then things started to improve, i’m now going through bad times again as i’ve increased the dose. Until you’ve tried the drug at the right dose for a significant period, you can’t be sure it won’t help you.
Good luck and wishing you better,

Also i’d reccomend if anything, you lower your dose, cut a pill in half etc and try that for a while

The one time they say to move on is when the side effects are so bad you can not cope. So make a decision and stick with it. You know best as you know your body best. Side effects do often pass after a short while though, so give yourself a tinsy bit longer, then throw the towel in by all means! good luck x