1 year anniversary :-(

Last year on the day I woke up dizzy, and here I am today. I’m not sure if I should be sulking or happy I’m still surviving?! I wonder if next year at this time, I will be any different. My symptoms have changed somewhat over the year but remain 24/7. It’s today that I wish the success stories thread was longer to give me something hopeful to read. Any words of support are welcomed on this big day for me!

It’s approximately 3 years for me. I am so much better than I was 3 years ago, and it’s almost like now it’s just a part of my life. I take my meds, I check this forum, but I don’t dwell on it like I used to. It’s like having an “old football injury” or something to that affect.
I wonder how it will be for me the rest of my life…I worry at times my meds will stop working…then I get hopeful there will be a breakthrough at some point…but we can just take it one day at a time. The 12 step program for MAV…lol…I only have to worry about today and make good decisions for a healthy lifestyle. I try to help others going through this with different support sites, and when I get really down, I start making a gratitude list in my head…so many people have it so much worse…and some people didn’t get to wake up today…we were never guarunteed a whole life without challenges, so let’s just deal with the cards we’re dealt with and do the best we can.

I hope things improve for you soon and next year at this time that you are feeling much better.
Great attitude rockyksmom.You have been a help to many people on this board including myself.Your knowledge about mav is greatly appreciated.

I’m truly sorry it’s been a year. I’m almost at 10 months myself so I do feel your pain. I never dreamed I’d have this for so long.
But, you are starting a new med and hopefully this one is going to do the trick for you!!! Of everything I took Cymbalta did the best for me. I may end up getting back on it. How’s the Cymbalta going?

Don’t give up HOPE. So many people kick this! You will too!

Kelley- i know your post wasn’t for me but it helped me tonight so thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, it was a bittersweet day as my life was forever changed, and of course to top it off have a wicked headache like I haven’t had since before starting verapamil! I’m in a lot of pain right now and can’t think of what triggered it!
I had stopped taking the cymbalt for a cpl days after I had that black out but am resuming it and discontinuing the lexapro, so fingers crossed!
I can accept that this condition is here to stay, but it’s gotta get better or its honna be a helluva journey.
And I do know that things could be worse and am thankful I’m here to enjoy my daughter but hoping for a little relief soon!

I was told about MAV on Dec 5th, 2011. It feels like I have had this for ever, but when I hear your letters, I know I cannot complain, compared to what so many have been thru and are going thru. It is a discouragement for me to hear that you have tried so many things and are not really better after a year. I am on Verapamil 180 and that is all. I tried effexor and it was like poison to me so I quit it right away. Sometimes, I think we may put ourselves on TOO many drugs. I like the idea of a “one-pharm” program, only problem is that I still have the dizzys, but absolutely no headache at all since last Dec. and no vertigo and vomiting like I used to have for 8 years, before this turned into MAV. Now, all I have is dizzy and some surges of severe spinning, and I take xanax for that and it usually settles in about 20 minutes. Maybe less is more, as far as these harsh drugs are concerned. I could not believe what effexor did to me, it was so harsh. Verapamil is more gentle and I could live ok like this, DON’T WANT TO, but would rather than taking so many drugs and nothing works completely and hurts you so badly. These are just random thoughts from a newby to MAV and I have such caring for all of you, that I have been reading on the posts. I feel like I know some of you and I care for you. I don’t want you to hurt yourselves, but again I do want you to get better and back to normal. I DO wonder if that is possible and we have to find a way to live the best way that’s possible with this MAV illness. I am the old one here ( 66) and have no little babes to care for any longer, like some of you gals. Please be careful and know that I care and think about you. hugs, spinning lady