2 more triggers

Hi all

I’ve recently discovered 2 more triggers which I hadn’t thought about before. They are wind (external!) and up-do’s.

To elaborate. I’ve always suffered earache after going out on cold and/or windy days but recently since I’ve been feeling better and reduced other triggers I’ve noticed a direct link between going ouside in the cold wind (even for short spell) and dizziness. So I’ve bought some ear muffs - sparkly black ones!

I have very long hair and have to wear it tied back or up for work (NHS Health and Saftey rules). Tight pony tails or elaborate up-do’s with butterfly clips can really trigger migraines leading to the dizzies. The looser my hairdo the less likely the migraine. Perhaps I should just get it chopped off! Also, wearing my hair tied back exposes my ears which may link with the wind trigger.

Anyone else noticed this?

Dizzy Izzy

Yes! Sort of. I really don’t like windy days either. I don’t think I’ve ever got a migraine from it per se, but I certainly feel very very uncomfortable and as though I might get a migraine, the same as flickering lights.

Yes too on the hair thing. I have fine hair but a lot of it, so it’s heavy. If I wear a high pony my scalp will get really sore after a while. Again, not sure if I have gotten a migraine as a direct result, but the same “I could get a migraine” kind of discomfort.

I suspect both raise my trigger load/make me more susceptible to a migraine.


Funny…wind seems to make me feel better…maybe if it were a cold wind. My dizziness seems to arise when I look down or bend over.


I can actually explain both of those triggers.

Wind is also a trigger for me. Depending on my day, it can take a while or hit me pretty quick. What happens is that normally your body self counters the wind and puts a slight lean into the wind and puts a slight adjustment into our balance to counter for it. This is all done without a thought. With our messed up balance system, we feel the lean, or we don’t lean at all and suddenly we have to start conciousely countering the wind. This will put a tax on a messed up balance system like ours to varying degrers, depending on the how the day is going. The result… our fun and beloved dizziness.

The hair, well, I’m bald and can’t speak for myself, but my wife has problems with classic migraines, and has days where she can’t put her hair up. Her explanatoin is that it changes the weight distribution of the hair and with that the blood circulation in the scalp. If it is one of those days for her, putting her hair up will bring on a migraine if she doesn’t let it down in time.


Yep - these are both triggers for me too. The up-do only gives me a headache, but the wind gives me earache, dizziness, and headache.

Interesting stuff!
I HATE the wind. I live in Las Vegas and it’ is usually at least breezy here on any given day, but we have had winds up to 60+ miles per hour. I used to get really upset by it and didn’t know why. I think having a super
sensitive sensory system (say that 3 times real fast!!) it was just really annoying. I do find being on an antidepressant, im more patient and relaxed with things that would normally get me aggrevated. I relate it to always
having had low serotonin and not knowing it. As I got older and it got even further lessened, I was getting really reactive to situations, people and pretty much everything…taking things personally that weren’t…just edgy.
I will say that this journey has brought about a lot of knowledge. I am hoping to one day take supplements that really help the body naturally produce higher levels of Serotonin. It might be a pie in the sky hope, but I’m hanging
on to it anyway.
Best to all…

I have always found cold wind a problem, it seems to hit my temples then dizziness sets in. Dont think I have a problem with warm wind. Wearing a hat helps but I look a prat in it.