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24/7 Vertigo?

Just curious, does anyone here have 24/7 vertigo? I’m talking about spinning, or distortion of views like the whole room is sort of sideways, turning. I wish I could explain that better… when I say 24/7, I mean even if you are not having horrible vertigo, it’s still there. Also, if I wake up in the middle of the night, open my eyes, the room is tilted to the left like it’s turning. OK I think you get my question…

Yep. Absolutely. All my episodic attacks comprised room spinning (external) rotary vertigo. For more than 12 years I was experiencing these violent room spinning attacks that would last precisely 72 hours. For those years the vertigo was my main symptom, often my only symptom apart from the constant vomiting and intermittent diarrhoea both of which are direct result of the vertigo. I would have to sit/lie perfectly still with my eyes closed all the time so I couldn’t see the room spinning. At that point I do not remember the (internal) vertigo feeling you describe but I have experienced that feeling too since, in other occasions, . Provided I was motionless and eyes closed I wouldn’t feel the vertigo. I’d get vertigo turning over in bed regularly and also dream I was having vertigo only to wake abruptly to find it a reality. With longer attacks, sometimes they last a week, I’ve regularly had rotary (spinning) vertigo so bad, I was unable to stand up at all. It can get pretty bad, You may find more detail in my Personal Diary. Helen