3 Weeks on Verampamil


Been on Verampamil for about three weeks now. The doc started me on 120MG for the first week. And went up to 240 the second week. The first two weeks were kinda rough. I had everything from chest pain, more dizziness, eye pain, etc. It also felt like I was hanging upside down from the monkey bars…because it felt like all the blood was going to my brain. However, my body has adjusted to the med. And now I think I am starting to see some improvements. For example, it seems like I’m able to look at a computer screen a little longer. It hit me last night when I was able to look at my girlfriend’s IPAd for over an hour without turning down the brightness. Anyway, today will be the beginning of my fourth week at 240MG…let’s see how it goes.

Joe T.

awesome joe, keep us posted!!!

— Begin quote from “sarahd”

awesome joe, keep us posted!!!

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Will do. Thanks.

Great news Joe!
I hope you continue to improve.
Good luck and please keep us up to date with your progress.

Annie :slight_smile:

I’ve been on verapamil for three weeks as well. The neurologist has me increasing doses weekly:
week 1- 40/40
week 2- 40/80
week 3- 80/80
week 4- 80/120 (beginning tomorrow 7/4)
week 5- 120/120

I’ve been very dizzy and do have increased tinnitus. I still have visual snow, but the auras seem to have dissipated.
I have insomnia the first two nights after increasing the dose. Then I am horribly fatigued.
I called the doc and he said it is way too soon to tell anything.
I am trying to be patient, and pray this all evens out. I can’t handle the dizziness and fatigue and desperately want to get back to work.
Appreciate everyone’s comments and posts.
This forum has been a real blessing.

What kind of auras did you have Sfnewbie? I have vs too and take verapamil.

Hi just curious if your vs went away? I have it too