7 weeks on

For 7 weeks now the feeling of constant disequilibrium has not altered.

It is no worse but also not any better, just continuously the same. I thought people were supposed to have good and bad days, would certainly be nice to have a few good ones!

I have tried eating more healthily, less caffeine and many other changes but it has not helped at all.

I don’t feel overly anxious or stressed, not so much that I feel it could keep the symptoms going.

Startng to wonder whether this could be linked to my neck or something else physical… The doctors are baffled… And so am I.

From whAt I understand mine is certainly a central vestibular issue and not peripheral. I haven’t actually had a migraine for 6 years as far as a headache but all clues are pointing this way still. If its not peripheral and is central then migraine must be at play

Hi Richy,

So no peripheral vestibular stuff going on at all? Have you been through an ENG?


Hi Scott, is the ENG when they spray Hot and Cold water in your ears and watch your eyes?

After some research i realise the ENG is not the Caloric Test…

So i have had the following tests:

Nerve reflex tests (where they hit your knee cap, elbow etc…)
I have had to stand up, hands out in front of me, marching on the spot with my eyes closed
Walking one foot in front of the other with my eyes closed
The hearing test to check for any loss
The test where they shake a metal bar and hold it at different points against your head, telling them when you no longer hear it vibrate
Where they shake head sharply from side to side and watch your eyes

Maybe i should ask for ENG next? although a bit annoyed they wouldnt have done this in the first place

Any more ideas or advice? :frowning:

Hi Rich,

Dont know where you went for your ear tests but sounds a bit like one place I went once, where I was asked to stand on a soft stool with my eyes closed and see if I lost my balance, then stand on one foot! There are better and more sophisticated tests at ENT to test your ears. You had the calorics and the hearing test, but the others sound a bit naf. There are several others they can do.


No history of migraine for you or in your family?


Cmoc, I am wondering the same, I think I should have some more sophisticated tests also, I am going to push for it next appointment I have.

Rockyksmom, I used to suffer badly with migraines when I was younger. The last migraine i suffered was in 2006, this was a hemiplegic migraine from what i understand, I lost all feeling in left side of my body, sickness, loss of vision etc… the actual migraine lasted hours with after effects lasting a few days.

Since then ive not had a migraine headache