75% success rate treatments...where are the success stories?

I´ve been putting off taking flunarizine now for over a year because my MAV is just annoying and energy sapping but not as severe as others.
Also put off because there don´t seem to be many positive experiences here, even stories about people getting dizzier.
These treatments are reported to have a 75% success rate, as well as other tratments.
Why aren´t there more posters here who have done well with calcium channel blockers??
Do “cured” people just don´t post?


yep, pretty much - only a few of the cured folks hang around to give hope to the “sufferers” - most of the others are busy getting on with MAV free life.

FYI I count myself as a cured as I’m probably 70-80% better than I was pre-meds - although I’m having a rough time today thanks to Mr Milo :lol:

I am also now about 75% recovered after taking Lexapro. I still hang around here since I am not 100% yet, and also I find it interesting to see how people are struggling with this debilitating condition, and whether I can give some support to them and vice versa.

I know the frustration. When I was originally diagnosed, they told me I had bppv and that the repositioning exercises would have a 90% cure rate. Well first they did a month of left side repositioning and that didn’t work. Then they did right side positioning for a month and that didn’t work. Then they did anterior repositioning and that didn’t work. I told them, “You people cannot do math. If each repositioning has a 90% success rate, then three trials at 90% should have a 99.9% success rate. Are you saying that I am the .1%, or will you finally admit that the success rate is not 90%?”

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So Milo has trashed you? :lol:

— Begin quote from “scott”

So Milo has trashed you? :lol:

— End quote

yep I’m a VERY cheap date :lol:

Where are the success stories? Try here! http://mvertigo.cloudapp.net/t/success-stories/1104 :smiley:

I know only 22 success stories out of 1000? :frowning:

Mine is a success story, but I never posted it under “Success Stories.” No particular reason - just never did.

I don’t take a calcium channel blocker, though, which I think was being referenced in that success rate - right?

Where did you hear that success rate? That’s for MAV?

I take Topamax, affectionately known to many of us as Dopamax. :lol:

It’s not perfect, but I’m way better than I was - hardly ever feel dizzy.

I guess you could say I’m a success story… I’ve changed my latitude which has changed my attitude :lol: . Actually, I’m at about 95% so I’m feeling pretty good about things. I’m taking 25 mg. Ami and 100 mg. 5_HTP daily, and my dizziness has almost completely disappeared. I’m back out on the water boating and in the water snorkeling and I’m enjoying life again! I’m careful not to get too stressed (major trigger) and staying away from other of my triggers like red wine has made a difference.
(loving it in Panama!!!) :lol:

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I strongly suspect that most people who recover quickly never bother to find their way onto a forum like this? Also, some people (e.g. me) don’t post in success stories in case it’s tempting fate and they relapse (daft, I know). And lots of people who are listed as members are only on here temporarily, and then disappear, presumably because they are (hopefully) success stories and want to move on and not spend their time on this website any more (fair enough!).

So you can’t judge the levels of success by the number of success stories you can see on here. Don’t worry, there are lots more people who do get better :slight_smile:

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