A Beginner’s Guide to Dizziness/Vertigo

Just today I rediscovered this which was one of the first Vertigo related articles I think I ever remembered reading when I first started having breakthrough balance issues back in 2012 or thereabouts. I found it a good general introduction to the World of Dizziness. I remember phoning them to speak to a specialist nurse on one occasion. She was most helpful. Helen


pretty comprehensive !

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Very good over all lead in to our Mystifying World. Helen

Thank you for sharing! Easy to read/understand.

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Thanks at the end they say they also have a booklet on migraines but I assume it covers the same treatments that the dizziness booklet you sent covers

Www.brainandspine.org.uk is their website. The migraine booklet is there too. Helen

You mean the “headaches” one?
I dont see a migraine one

No, the migraine one. It’s actually indexed as a ‘Fact Sheet’ having been referred to as a ‘booklet’ but it is there. Helen

Such an informative general intro I thought it could do with a Bump Up!