A different kind of rocking/bobbing?

Hi everyone, I know the rocking/swaying is pretty common with VM. But I feel something a bit different and am wondering if anyone else feels the same.

I don’t feel a rocking/swaying per se. I rather feel like I am floating a little bit and being constantly pushed, pulled, dropped, lifted upwards in every directions. It’s like being on a plane with 24/7 strong turbulances.

There is no rhythm in the motions I perceive, they are totally random and feel like jolts.

It is constant, 24/7 and has been for 10 months now.

Does anyone else who was diagnosed with VM feels the same type of motions?

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Thanks a lot.

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I am diagnosed with VM and for a while I was getting a feeling like someone was pushing me. If I was standing they were pushing me backwards and sitting I felt like I was getting pushed into my chair. When I started Sertraline that feeling stopped. In my experience, everything about VM is pretty random.

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Rocking/swaying, feeling you are being pushed towards the ground, being pulled one way or another etc, etc. With MAV the possibilities can seem endless and they vary over time. Unpleasant as they are and disorienting as they can be I would class them all as ‘vertigo’ which, according to the dictionary is ‘a false sensation of movement’.

The ‘solution’ ? Some sort of treatment I suggest. Medication, migraine diet, lifestyle changes - the complete MAV treatment package. With perhaps a bit of good luck thrown in for good measure maybe.

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Similar symptom discussed here: see The Magneto Head

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