A little bif of both


I have just been diagnosed with Labyrithitis and MAV, I have had them now for about 6 months and it is really getting to me. I have been told that to help the damage left by Labyrinthitis I will need to have VRT therapy but the waiting list for this is another 3 months. I am unsure whether this can help as I am not dizzy as such, more just stuck in a brain fog where I can’t think clearly, a bit like having a really nasty cold when your head feels bunged up, constant headaches and tiredness.

For the MAV I have tried Amitriptyline and Proranonol, but both made me feel even more confused, off balance and increased the brain fog, so I now don’t know what to do.

Does anyone know what symptoms will be the MAV and what symptoms will be the damage from the Labyrinthis? And what tablets I can try next?

Thank you!

Hi, Lou,

Something you can do immediately is do some dietary and lifestyle changes on your own, no waiting involved. Look up some websites or get a book or two on anti-migraine diets and migraine triggers.

I went on an anti migraine diet for about 11 weeks, then got sick of it and went off, and immediately discovered that chocolate sends me spinning. So these diets are very useful! I already knew that the whole nightshade family was a trigger for me, but there are other things as well that we may not be aware of.

Hope this is helpful. It does take time, and when you see the diet it is discouraging, but I assure you it is not that difficult to change your eating habits, and giving your favorite things up for a while is not too terrible. I had to give up porter and stout! A terrible hardship, but luckily it turned out not to be a terrible trigger when I added them back, as long as I do it in moderation. Chocolate is death, unfortunately. Someone else can eat mine for the rest of my life, that is how sick it made me…

Here is a good link on that stuff.