A little hint for those that have problems with screens

Hi All,

As some of you now I have a great deal of problems using computers/screens. I’m yet to pin down exactly what is causing migraine attacks when I start using screens but it appears to either be motion or flicker intolerance.

One little thing that I picked up today which I thought I’d share is a little App in google chrome called ‘Clearly’. It’s free and easy to use - what it essentially does is with a click of a button, removes a lot of clutter on a web page and presents you with the text on a coloured background of your choice Similar to ‘reader’ on the iphone/ipad. Whilst it’s not a complete solution it does come in useful when your doing quite a bit of reading on the internet. The fact that it removes all the flashing ads etc is also a bonus.

You’ll need Google Chrome browser to use it (can be found in the App store), it’s certainly worth a go if screens are a massive trigger as they are for me. It has 5/5 review score after thousands of reviews.


Hi Dean,

Great I will try it. Whats the reader app on the iphone?

I have trouble with all screens, iphone and some tv’s

Wow. Thank you. The flashing ads and other clutter start to make me dizzy if I’m on the computer too long. I’ll try it and let you know how its working for me.