A Little Worried


I was diagnosed with MAV a little over a year ago, after having already been dizzy for about six months, so all in all I’ve been dizzy for about a year and nine months.

Lately, though I have been having new symptoms. At first my right hand started to tingle. Then my left hand. Then my right foot. That lasted about a week then went away. Then, a few weeks later, my right hand started to tingle in the morning, and by the early evening my whole right arm, left arm, my right shoulder, both my legs, and the top of my head were all tingling pretty badly.

Anyway, from all the literature I can find on the matter, the kind of tingling you should expect from Migraine is the kind that is fleeting, not the kind that lasts for a week at a time. Supposedly, this kind of tingling usually goes along with worse things that just Migraine.

Maybe I’m just wrong, though. I have had all the scans to rule out other possibilities, and they’ve come back clean. I made an appointment with my neurologist to ask him about these new symptoms, but his firs open day is two months away.

I was wondering if anybody else had experienced prolonged tingling with Migraine.

Hi and welcome Bluepailfever,

I’ve had tingling in the extremities and face, yes, but not for extended periods. I wouldn’t get concerned about anything too sinister though if you’ve had all the scans etc.


I’ve had prolonged aura for quite some time. It will last a day and up to a week. The aura is tingling and numbness - will start on one side of my body - hand, arm, leg, head, face, go to the other side, sometimes on both and then start all over again. My neuro said it is all migraine related as I’ve been surffering from chronic daily migraine since November (had normal migraine before this time usually just once a month if that). If all your tests have come back normal I would say migraine but wait till the neuro confirms. I know it’s frightening and terribly bothersome. Hang in there!