A positive post :)

I think the amitriptyline is really working now its been about 4-5 weeks but I am noticing a big difference this past week . Im not totally dizzy free but I do have non dizzy moments now and symptoms dont seem to there constantly anymore.
I wont get my hopes up but somethings changed I used to wake up very dizzy but today I woke up with hardly any dizzy and that hasnt happened to me in 8 months!!!

As I said I know this may change but I am thinking of going up by 5mg as I think it may give a further improvement. I would say Im normally at 85% but I can say I have felt 90-95% better this past wk and if your starting a new med give it time to work as it doesnt work at first it has to build up .

Donna xx

Donna that’s fab.
I’m so happy youre feeling better.
just enjoy itdont worry about it pooping out.
I know it can happen, but I enjoy every moment of it.
good on you for being so brave and sticking it out, I know how hard that is.

cheers jen from oz.

I always get wary when I say I feel better in case it comes and bites me in the ass lol but I want other people who are perhaps scared of medication to give it a try and dontthink thats this is it there is light at the end of the dizzy tunnel :smiley:

Donna thats good news. Has the amy affected your sleep?


in what way christine? Im more tired in the mornings but thats it oh yh and a dry mouth but hardly any s/e really .

Half a 10 mg tablet and I sleep a lot, but still sleepy the next day, didnt come round properly till 3 in the afternoon. This carried on for 3 months or I would have carried on with it.

Mind you, same thing has happened with glucosamine supplement, yet usually I suffer severe insomnia, just three and half hrs sleep a night. Seems to be one or the other! Probably just me :slight_smile:


Really its weird how it affects people different I Mean I feel groogy for a couple of hours after waking but am normally fine by 9.00 in the morning although I have been sleeping a bit earlier in the evening than normal but during the day Im the same as before x

I took Ami for a bit. It helped a little with my anxiety and sleep, but increased my dizziness. I started at 5mg and worked up to 20mg…always at night. I didn’t notice too much for side effects, as I think I slept through it.
My mood improved. My visual dizziness didn’t get any better, but I wasn’t as focused on it. My first neuro ( of the 3 I’ve seen) rx’d me Pamelor (nort) at 10mg and said that was the best thing for me. Because I had anxiety
and insomnia as my major complaints, I didn’t want to take it. I’ve never tried Nort and sort of wish I would have.
So glad it’s working for you!!!

I’m happy that you have found something that is helping you. How much ami do you take? I was taking 20 mg but felt too drugged in the morning. Now I take 10 but I do not sleep as well.

I have not noticed any effect the ami has on me other than my sleep.

Best wishes to you

Im on 10mg , how long were you on the 20mg for ? Like I say though you have to give it time about 6 weeks for s/e to settle which they normally do in most people .

Hi I was on the 20mg for 3 months. I slept really well but first thing in the morning had a drugged feeling which made me crabby. So my Neurologist told me to go to 10mgs when I told her how I felt. I am also on Neurontin the Neurologist claims they work together. Im working on a dosage increase over a three week time span with the goal of being on 1800mgs of Neurontin.