A step back

Thought i was slowly getting better but i seem to have gone slightly backward in the last few weeks. Is this common? I don’t know why. I haven’t done anything different

Sorry to read this…

But yes, unfortunately. MAV doesn’t appear to be linear and it seems we often take 2 steps forwards and 4 back with no rhyme or reason. So bloody frustrating, I feel for you.

It might be the run up to Xmas stressing you out and you not realising it?

Hi there,
I think mm is right and also sometimes there is no reason. You are probably more anxious than you realise - even making sure your putting yourself in the right frame of mind can be stressful if that makes sense? Try and rest as much as you can over the next few days and I wish you better times ahead xx

Thank you both :smiley:

Just so sick and tired of this thing!! Just want to feel normal again. Its just so frustrating!!

Not going to let it ruin my xmas :smiley:

I am sorry you have had a bad patch, I am always fluctuating too, sometimes I do something and it’s better than the last time, sometimes it’s worse, it’s such a frustration, lots of chilling out over Christmas will hopefully help! :smiley:

Hi Rob

Yes it is very common, it happens to me all the time. It is hard to take because you want to see constant progress but this is not a normal illness. Hang in there x

Hi Robert,

Sorry to hear of your setback mate. This crap is not easy at the best of times but I guess the added pressure of Xmas could be contributing to this.

Stay strong mate, hope you have a great Xmas and preying a dizzY free 2013 for us all,