A successful patient of Dr Surenthiran

Hi Guys…

found this post on another forum from a patient of Dr S. I thought it might be nice for those who are in despair that things can and will get better:

I am under Dr Surenthiran too.First saw him August 2010. He said things would probably get worse before they get better- they did.However, for the past 5 months I have lead almost a normal life.
Has he told you to do Migraine diet and VRT? If so do them to the letter and don’t give up. I felt practically suicidal as I couldn’t see a future and couldn’t bear the thought of living with MAV any longer. However I perservered and am now where I am. I don’t drink much alcohol and stick ridgidly to bedtimes (10pm to 7am) every day and it works!”

She posted this a year after the initial appointment… so it shows the treatment plan can take time and still work :slight_smile:

Great – thanks for letting us know.

Just goes to show you that no matter how bad this gets, it can go the exact opposite direction and people recover. Suicidal one day and enjoying life the next. It’s a crazy-ass disease. :shock:

Agreed. I was a wreck same time last year and today I’m at 80% hoping to improve further

This is what we need to see! Nice one Richy! Which website is it from? I need to find it! Thanks a x

Great Post!


Sorry - trying to bump up an old post, Richy please could you tell us which forum you found this on. I think it’s EXTREMELY important that we all try to stay as calm as possible with and allow ourselves time to heal. I would love to find more posts like this.

Thanks Anna x