A trigger revealed

cleaning products… are these a problem for any of you guys?

lately i’ve been experiencing SEVERE symptoms in the shower.
So tonight i confronted my mum about her cleaning regime. And suprise suprise she has been using one of those chemical packed shower cleaner’s.

Interesting observation,Ella. Early days for me in trying to identify triggers, so I can’t offer a good second perspective, except to say that, for what it’s worth, I tend to be turned off by them–I tend to rely on ammonia solution. Now the MCS,multiple chemical sensitivity, crowd would say that the greater part of our products for cleaning or deodorizing body and environment are toxic to varying degrees.

Cleaning products containing clorox bother me . They are a definite trigger for me. Other cleaners don’t seem to bother me.


Any product with chemicals bother me too. From cleaners to paint to floor sealer to mattresses and carpeting! I’ve had my share of learning experiences over the past year. I’d be happy to share some tips : )
One cleaner I found that works well is the Seventh Generation cleaners–the bathroom one has a slight odor, so I use the surface cleaner and baking soda.
The brand is natural and contains no VOC’s
Good Luck!

Any products with chemicals is a HUGE trigger for me. Cleaning products, scents, perfumes you name it it sets me off…may not be toxic for some but for me it makes me very sick.

Seventh Generation has a lot of good products plus many grocery stores…Kroger and Publix both have a fragrance and chemical free section that has different products that can be used.

You can also check on Amazon and find cleaning products that are chemical and scent free.

Below are some website that have chemical free products.

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