According to GP I should wear green glasses – double LOL

I wasn’t able to see my usual GP today (she’s booked out for one week) and seeing as I’m in a real mess with symptoms spiralling out of control (so it seems anyway) I went to a new guy to at least score more valium and ask what he thought about Wellbutrin. He was about 163 years old so I thought, “here we go”. I laid down the law in brief bullet points for him:

I’ve got a dreaded condition called MAV … did myself in over the weekend by not sleeping correctly for two nights in a row … hate SSRIs and never want to see one again … visual vertigo is really bad on my Mac … blah, blah … what do you recommend?

He says, "get yourself some green tinted glasses for work (LOL), here’s a script for valium (awesome!) and another one for Inderal (propranolol). So I asked about Welby and he had not a clue and would not write a script or recommend it. So I thought, “what the hell” and filled the script for prop. I’m going to have a 5 mg hit and see if it kills these heart palps. I can’t even remember now what it did to me last time I tried it. Probably not good. On the way back to work in my shell-shocked state, I was laughing my head off at the absurdity of it all. Green glasses and propranolol. Cheers mate.


Green glasses and staggering down the street like a drunkard, not a pretty sight :shock:

Scott, seeing as we have similar reaction to drugs, you may find you can tolerate this, at least in small amounts.
I find this helps the palpitations (mostly daytime, but a 10 mg tablet used to help the nightime ones too, although doesnt seem to be enough nowadays for the nightime). I keep wondering whether to try the propranolol and amitriptyline combo in very small doses as, in the past, the best reaction I got from drugs was when I did propranolol for 3 months followed by amitriptyline for 3 months (but not taken together as they didn’t prescribe them together back then). Trouble was, I couldn’t tolerate any more than three quarters of one tablet of ami and 40 mg propranolol even then, when I wasn’t so med sensitive. Trying the ami recently, made me depressed and irritable but I supposed that would pass after a couple of weeks.

BTW, my side effects with propranolol over 40 mg were insomnia and loose bowels (just in case!)


I wonder what colour glasses this GP would recommend for nostalgia - rose coloured? Nyuk, nyuk, boom tish. Have you still got your Avatar 3D specs? You could give them a try too.

Don’t knock the old guys though - my ancient dentist (I think he started practicing during the Depression) saved me from having to get root canal! He did leave a bit of a sharp edge but his assistant had already put the gear in the sterilizer so he said I could fix it myself with an emery board. Home dentistry - love it. Perfect for the GFC.


LOL, I love the age comment, Scott. But I can say that this guy MIGHT not have been off regarding the glasses, or at least, he knew that there is something about tinted glasses helping people. Now I am not exactly sure what you told him in detail, but I can tell you that there ARE tinted glasses that help those with light sensitivity or other eye issues (blepharospasm). As those with migraines often are troubled by photophobia (including myself), I looked into this when my MAV issued first kicked in, as my vision issues were really troublesome. I found out that a rose-colored tint called FL-41, developed by the University of Utah, was being used with some success and I actually had them make some tinted glasses for me. I do wear them on occassion and find they do help (in bringing down the intensity level). So maybe the doctor was using old info to try to help you, as green tinted glasses were once suggested generically to help people (so I’ve read). Regular rose colored ones do not have the same effect, nor do grey-tints.

Note, I am not saying the FL-41 tint will stop migraines (although it could I suppose) or cure MAV, BUT, they may help those with related visual issues. Here is the website if you are interested in reading more about it: … story.html

Cheers, Bonnie

LOL scott you would look kool in green glasses :mrgreen: Hope the med works out for you though mate try not to have fear easier said than done I know!

Donna xx

I personally got very depressed on inderal within days…I was also on Effexor at a low dose and Remeron at night, so I was having doses of antidepressants and still had a huge breakdown once added inderal
to the mix. With you feeling low on sero anyway, I would be wary. Dr. Hain suggested I added it to the Fex since I was having early morning terrible shaking/anxiety. THe pharmacist said it was a great drug (called
Effexor, “side effexor”) and I was hopeful, but it didnt’ work out well.
Keep us posted.