Accupuncture ever helped anyone?

When I flared up last month, both a cousin and my PCP recommended accupunture. I’ve had neutral to negative experiences with it in the past. I did find a woman who came highly recommended, and when I felt better, she cancelled the first session and we have one scheduled for tomorrow.
I’m doing better on the zoloft (12.5) and klonopin, and just today started a low dose of synthroid per my endocrinologist.
I’m hesitant to muddy the waters here.
I did manage to pick up a cold and work is very stressful due to a new computer system–but so far it hasn’t done a number on my MAV.
Any advice?
I read the new posting from mstraka who felt accupuncture made her worse, and it gives me pause about adding something else to the therapeutic list.

After my first few acupuncture sessions in 2006, I never thought I was going to have to use valium again (this was when I was a one dimensional Meniere’s diagnosis…not MAV yet). It really helped a lot. On the negative side, it didn’t stick. It lasts for a few days, and then the symptoms start creeping back.


Did you ever consider ongoing treatment - I have no idea how much acupuncture costs. Just wondering.

I’ve heard the same thing, it doesn’t stick.


I did it for about a month. 2 to 3 sessions per week. Once I realized the cycle kept repeating itself, I decided to stop. The acupuncturist was an M.D. Real good guy…gave it his best shot.

Hi Kira,

I was about to post the same question - you beat me to it :o
I had them some years back (my pre-dizzy days…) and found it helpful with migraines. Not instantly though - took about 2 months of twice weekly sessions before feeling significant difference. Haven’t done it for the dizzies although have been thinking about it a lot…